Bad Roads: Kamazou Community Sends SOS To Governor Uba Sani



Residents of Kamazou, a Kaduna suburb located in exit point in Southern part of the state capital have cried out to Governor Uba Sani over deplorable conditions of virtually all roads in the community. 

Inhabitants of the  settlement who spoke to our correspondent, narrated how they have been grappling with bad roads occasioned with dusty, muddy and undulated surfaces all round the year.

People of the area complained bitterly on how they have been neglected by successive administrations in the state, whom they accused of focusing more on areas within the metropolis and Northern part of the state capital.

“We have been facing difficulties with bad and terrible road network that has progressively worsened over the years. 

“The road conditions have significantly deteriorated, leaving the residents fighting with persistent challenges such as potholes, erosion, and overall degradation.

“The state of our roads is a nightmare as it is difficult especially during the rainy season for us to transport ourselves from one place to another, while our pleas for urgent intervention have fallen on deaf ears for far too long,” a resident, Mr. Olorunfemi lamented. 

Miss Zugwai, a businesswoman located on the fringes of the area, spoke in a similar vein, stating, that poor condition of the road has negatively impacted business in Kamazou, especially during rainy seasons when most streets become inaccessible.

“Customers who would have patronized us prefer to take  better routes to get to their destinations, resulting in low patronage for our businesses. We are suffering, and it seems like nobody cares.

“In the face of these challenges, We are pleading with the government to prioritize the repairing of the road network.

“We urge the government to make haste because in their own way the community plays a critical role in fostering development and improving the overall quality of life for the people,” she added.

Community and opinion leaders in the area also urged the government at both the state and federal levels to allocate necessary resources and expedite efforts to reconstruct and rehabilitate the roads in Kamazou as done to others through rural development initiative.

They maintained that a well-maintained road network is fundamental to socio-economic development and essential for improving the livelihoods of the people.

“The dire condition of roads in Kamazou as you have heard from people here calls for urgent intervention by the government.

“The level of frustration is high amongst residents whom We have been pleading with as community leaders to be patient with governments.

“The frustrations expressed by the local residents show the pressing need for immediate action to address the infrastructure deficit.

” We remain hopeful however that our pleas will be heard and swift action taken to alleviate our sufferings and restore the community road network to its good shape, ” a community leader who preferred anonymity noted.


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