All Is Not Well With Nigeria, Workers Convergence Raises Alarm


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan
The National Coordinator of All Workers

Convergence (AWC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze on Tuesday alerted that all is not well with Nigeria presently.
Comrade Emelieze raised the alarm in a letter entitled “Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari” made available to journalists in Ibadan.
The AWC National Coordinator in the letter stated that the tension in the land ” is  unprecedented” and that “our country is in deep crisis as it has been a reign of  torture, trauma and terror everywhere in Nigeria”
” Mr President, I write you once again. It is my prayers that this letter, will find you in the best of spirit . I am writing this letter with a heavy heart and a broken mind. Mr President, all is not well with Nigeria.Except we want to deceive ourselves Sir, our country is in deep crisis under your care”, he said.
Comrade Emelieze added, ” it has been a reign of torture, trauma and terror everywhere in Nigeria. On a daily basis, it has been bad news, massive mindless  killings, hunger , penury and unbelievable wastage of human resources in Nigeria. “
” Mr President, your electoral promises were soul lifting but what we  have now is the negation of what you promised  us. Everywhere in Nigeria, it has been drums of war. The country is so tensed that the human skin can feel the ugly atmosphere”.
Comrade Emelieze stressed in the letter that ” the tension in the land is unprecedented Mr President. Our case is that of massive unemployment, collapse of infrastructure, acute want, poor wage structure , general insecurity, unending strikes, massive corruption, social denials and a failed hope. Socially Sir, Nigeria is badly divided more than ever before, the rise of ethnic nationalism has taken the place of national cohesion “.
” Our people no longer see the value of governance. Hence, desperation, hostility and frustration have taken over the land. Living in Nigeria has been turned into a struggle, more of a survival of the fittest. Social solidarity among our people is eroding and gradually almost everybody is seeing each other as a prey.”

Comrade Emelieze stressed ” Mr President, our people are not happy that your government is mortgaging the future of unborn Nigerians through continuous loans and indebtedness your government is putting Nigeria into. This is tantamount to a financial embarrassment of Nigerians. The position of our people is that you secure only loans you have the capacity to pay back within your tenure else note it that future Nigerians won’t pay for a loan they  did not approve.”
” Mr President, Nigerians are now endangered people, living a live of uncertainty and misery. Our people are no longer sure of their next moment. The bad story is almost unending.Our country  has been put on the edge and all indications are pointing towards further tensions. This is what has been giving us nightmares that if the tensions are not abated, the country might be thrown into another civil war. 
Mr President, it is the great desire of most Nigerians that you honourably resign now. Our sufferings  have gotten to the point we can no longer bear.  Resign now to save Nigeria.  If however, you refuse to resign, Nigerians will have no other option but to resist bad governance. Resign now Mr President.


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