Alh Tukur Othman, The Voice Of Hunkuyi



On Friday August 26, 2022, Hunkuyi community woke of with a great loss. We lost a respected, important, influential figure of our town. Despite his track record of excellence as a civil servant where he rose up to the rank of Managing Director of New Nigeria Newspapers, he will also be remembered for the life he impacted on the lives of Hunkuyi people.

Agitation For Kudan Local Government With Headquarters At Hunkuyi.

Hunkuyi Development Association, popularly known as HUDA, was the association that led for the above agitation. Three persons remain outstanding during that struggle till date, namely Alhaji Tukur Othman, Alhaji Yusuf Ladan (late Dan Iyan Zazzau) and Distinguished Senator  Sulaiman Othman Hunkuyi.

During the presentation before the committee that was given the responsibility for the creation of states and local government areas in Nigeria, late Alhaji Tukur Othman was the spokesman for that cause. His presentation, oh! men, come and see the confidence in him. His presentation was precise, eloquent, fluent and straight to the point. That presentation is what gave birth to the present Kudan Local Government Area with headquarters at Hunkuyi. And from that time, he earned the name, the spokesperson of Hunkuyi community (town). He also participated fully for the actualization of Hunkuyi District.

Alhaji Tukur Othman Hunkuyi, would be remembered in many ways in which he contributed a lot for the progress of Hunkuyi and Kudan Local Government Area as a whole.

I’m appealing to the authorities of Kudan Local Government under the leadership of Honourable Shu’aibu Bawa Jaja to immortalise Alhaji Yusuf Ladan (Dan Iyan Zazzau) and Alhaji Tukur Othman Hunkuyi for their roles and contributions  for actualization of Kudan Local Government Area.

Ya Allah, forgive Alh Tukur Othman Hunkuyi, make his grave a garden from heaven, build a house for him in Aljannah Firdaus, amin. 

I want to use this medium to extend my condolences to most notably, former President Federal Republic of Nigeria in person of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, Alh Idris Othman, Distinguished Senator  Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi, Alhaji Hassan Othman, the entire family, Hunkuyi people and his friends.

Allah jikan Alh Tukur Othman Hunkuyi, ya gafarta masa, ya yafe kurkurensa, yasa kabarinsa ya zamo dausayi daga gidan aljannah, ya tashe shi da imani, ya saukaka masa hisabi, ya tsallake siradi kamar walkiya, ka shigar da shi aljannarka visa rahamarka amin.

Danjuma Usman Hunkuyi sent in this tribute.

The coaches have played Cameroon, Egypt they know them. They are yet to play Gambia.

Control committee for CAVB will be on ground.

Our technical coach will be on ground to assist the coaches.

Coach Elam said that the 14 players selected for femaie are the best out of 30 invited to camp.

The Technical and Tactical Coach, Alex said that he mission is basically to help NIgeria volleyball. He said he has been connected with the players before coming to Nigeria, so he is here to help develop better conditions in the country in terms of facility and play time.

He commended Engineer Nimrod for his determination in bringing about better condition for players, while charging others to emulate same.


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