2023: Hunkuyi, ABG Receive 250 Defectors From APC, PDP



New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Governorship and House of Reps Candidates for 2023 general election, Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi and Hon. Shehu Bawa ABG, respectively,  on Tuesday January 31, received over 250 new members from other parties in Kaduna North Local Government Area of the state.

The defecting members were hitherto stakeholders, including former councillors on the platforms of All Progressives Congress (APC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who said they could no longer pretend that all was well in their estranged parties.

Hunkuyi, while welcoming the new members, pointed out that they had made the right choice by severing ties with parties responsible for dragging Nigeria to the bottom and causing indescribable hardship on citizens.

He challenged candidates of APC and PDP to take their campaigns to ward levels and see the reception they would receive from the people.

He said the masses at grassroots would give cold reception to these parties because people of Kaduna State cannot be deceived anymore with fake rhetorics of APC.

“In Kaduna for example, the APC administration has killed the businesses of traders whose shops as source of livelihoods were demolished with no alternatives provided to them, all in the name of urban renewal that has made the state poorer by heaping on generations yet unborn debts that will take scores of years to service.

“Teachers, civil servants who should have been the responsibilities of the government to cater for have been sack as liabilities of debts incurred.

“Many people have been kidnapped, with countless numbers losing their lives due to insecurity caused by sacking people and destroying the livelihoods of bread winners of millions of households in the state.

“People in rural areas who farm to produce food for Urban dwellers could no longer go to their farms for fear of being kidnapping or killed by terrorists who have become invincible to the APC administration.

“Your children could no longer go to higher education because they have made it beyond the reach of the masses by hiking tuition fees with over 500 percent and deliberately ignoring ASUU because their kids all school abroad.

“Ensure you mobilize all by virtue of your political influence at the grassroots to cast their votes for ABG who I can vouch for to be an exemplary and credible candidate whom I am sure will pay attention to your welfare and those of your children.

“I will urge you to also vote all candidates of NNPP from top to bottom for growth and development of this country and Kaduna State in particular, “he said. 

ABG on his part, charged the new members not to relent until the needful could be said to have been achieved of ensuring the success at the next poll of all candidates of NNPP.

He reminded electorates of numerous campaign promises of the ruling party in 2015 and 2019, saying non had been redeemed but rather more troubles created for the masses.

Among the defectors were former PDP Ward Chairman, Secretary, financial secretary and woman leader among other party excos of Badarawa/Malali ward.

Samaila Mai Shadda who spoke on behalf of other defectors said they had to leave their erstwhile parties after finding out that APC and PDP had no interest of the masses in their agenda.

He called on people in Kaduna North and the state in general to serve “red cards” to APC and PDP at the next general election, saying the two parties had done nothing but impoverishing Nigerians.

Hunkuyi and ABG were flanked in the event by members representing Doka/Gabasawa and  Candidate of Kawo in Kaduna State House of Assembly, Hon. Haruna Mabo and Aliyu Chakis respectively.

High point of the event was presentation of membership cards of NNPP to the new members by state chairman of the party.


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