2023 General Election: Why Niger State Must Get It Right – Karnati



As aspirants of various Political parties jostle for the most coveted and other various political positions in Niger State, a political aficionado, the one who is called to vie for the position as a Member of House of Representative for Chanchaga Federal Constituency of the State, Hon. Musa Abubakar Karnati popularly known and addressed as (Karnati Ikon Allah), has called on the Nigerlites to go for the popular and most qualified candidates in all ramification.

This statement was made in Kaduna State recently when some youth from  Niger State paid him a courtesy visit during the Eid el Fitr Sallah Celebration. 

“They should go for the ones the cap fits; taking into cognizance  their integrity and pedigree for meaningful development of the state. 

“In fact, their track records should speak volumes,” he charged.

In his usual response he added, ‘’ Alhamdulillah, we are grateful to the Almighty Allah (S.W.T), the owner of the universe for successful completion of this year’s Ramadan fast 1443; despite Economic and Security challenges facing our nation.

“My esteemed regards and greetings to the good people of Chanchaga Federal Constituency and Niger State as a whole and he therefore,” he said.

Speaking further, he challenged all Nigerlites to imbibe the lessons of Ramadan and to pray for the Peace and Progress of our Nation, Nigeria and the World at large.

Hon. Karnati who went down memory lane to remind his visitors and narrated a brief history of Niger State; said, “the Power State, is one of the oldest States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria created in 1976. 

“It is currently home to the three hydropower stations namely: Kainji-Dam (the Premier Hydro Power Station), Jabba and Shiroro Dams.

“The State has a total landmass of 76, 481 Square Km making it the largest State in terms of land area. It has a population of 3, 950 249 (2006 Census, NPC). 

“It has a diverse population spread across its vast territory with rich cultural and historical heritage that are cherished by its loving people. It is a unique pool of Human and Natural Resources. 

“The state unfortunately is still in dire need of massive, innovative and genuine development for the benefit of its diverse, hardworking and passionate citizens; who are yearning to have and enjoy a good life. 

“The indices of development, mere observations show clearly that the state needs an injection of great and innovative ideas, quality and self-less leadership to turn things around for the benefit of all Nigerlites and to take the state to greatness and glory. 

“This is the time to make the right choice; for a solid structure good foundation is key. Nigerlites, its either Now or Never.

‘’This is a fact that the founding fathers of the state clearly envisaged, and will be glad to see its realization In sha Allah,” he said. 

Karnati Ikon Allah also spoke passionately about how the state can make genuine progress.

“The context for restoration is seen in the current realities of our citizens.  Nigerlites are affected by the shackles of under development within the state,  compared to others  created in the 90s.

“The socio-economic environment is harsh, volatile, complex and the uncertainty about so many components missing in action and  Nigerlites are wondering when they can get it right and for how long are we going to wait despite the great potentials in State?” He submitted.

According to him, he has  come up with a brilliant roadmap for job creation and youth empowerment which  includes, creation of jobs in Chanchaga Local Government immediately for those with a minimum qualification of Secondary. School Leaving Certificate and who participated in technology and vocational training.

“This is aimed at ensuring  a smooth mutual collaboration between the state and federal government of Nigeria by bringing direct job opportunities to Nigerlites.

“To encourage and ensure implementation of the direct conditional monthly cash transfers to the underprivileged and most vulnerable citizens upon demonstration of children’s enrolment in school and immunization, to help promote job empowerment.

“Establish Technology / Industrial Estates fully equipped with ICT, power and other supports across the Local Government Area Council of the State to attract and encourage small- scale technology businesses and other entrepreneurs that can be achieved. 

“Provide support and guidance to discharge the unemployed Youths of Niger State while they seek jobs or acquire training and skills for job placement or entrepreneurship with great synergy with the Federal Government. 

“Participate in the Initiative that pay a guaranteed indexed-linked price to farmers to ensure that there is always a ready market for their produce, which will create more jobs, agricultural related employment and sustains existing jobs which will invariably guarantee Security at the local levels. 

“Provide one meal a day for all primary school students across all local government areas of the state that will create jobs in agriculture, including poultry, catering and service delivery. 

“Create a scheme that provides matching funds for businesses that have already been validated and secured funding elsewhere, including by borrowing, if such businesses will be created and approved minimum number of skilled jobs e.g. Market – Moni, conditional fund transfer to the vulnerable people in the State. 

 “Support training centers created for skills acquisition or vocational training by providing infrastructure for such centers. And to embark on vocational retraining and skills acquisition for unemployed graduates, school leavers and drop-outs emphasizing on technology and construction such as plumbers, technicians and tillers, which will feed the public works and social housing schemes among others.”

Karnati Ikon Allah  advised the youth to remain resolute in all their actions and respect the constituted authority in order to be responsible as leaders of tomorrow.


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