Hardship: Aspirant Recommends Empowerment At The Grassroots

Following the current economic hardship which has been biting on the people of Imo State, an aspirant into the state House of Assembly in 2019, Chief Anthony Brown Odunze, has urged the state government to consider village by village empowerment of the people to ameliorate the rate of suffering, they are facing now.
Briefing members of the Association of Mbaitoli Journalists at his country home, in Ochii-Ogwa in Mbaitoli local government area of Imo state, Tuesday, Chief Anthony Brown Odunze, felt that the only way out for now for the people is for government to initiate empowerment programme for the people.
According to him, on his own, he has since embarked on an empowerment programme out of which about five hundred indigent and less privileged persons  have so far benefited.
He pointed out that he adopted the policy of empowering one person, from one family, to be able to reach out to a good number of people.
Chief Odunze, who is aspiring to represent, Mbaitoli state constituency at the Imo state House of Assembly come 2019, said that he would tackle the issue of poverty alleviation and eradication while in office as a legislator, by initiating good bills and motions to that effect.
He noted that poverty in the lands begates restiveness on the part of unemployed persons.
According to him, apart from fighting the issue of poverty, he would also maintain constant constituency briefing with his constituents. This he believed would put him in the position to know what his people desires to have.
He said he is yet to know the party platform upon which to run the election in 2019, but urged the people to make a wiser decision this time by considering him for the seat at the Imo state House of Assembly.
Chief Odunze, an international businessman and a member of Owerri chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture (OCCIMA) said that he would carry all the Unions, particularly, the NULGE, NUJ, NUT and other unions in the discharge of his functions as a legislator in the state House of Assembly.    


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