Zulum Calla For Use Of Mercenaries To Fight Insurgents


Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum has again called on  the Federal Government to rethink its position on the engagement of mercenaries for the prosecution

of the war against insurgents, especially the Islamic State of West Africa Province, ISWAP.
The governor made the call Thursday in the State House, Abuja while featuring at the weekly press briefings organised by the Presidential Communications Team.
Recall, however, that President Muhammadu Buhari had last year ruled out the option of mercenaries to solve the festering insurgency in the North East of the country.
But, according to Zulum, Nigeria should not see such an approach as weakness, as more powerful countries had resorted to the use of mercenaries to get out of threatening situations.
“All what I have said now, would never been feasible without the support of the government. But notwithstanding all the contributions of the federal government, we still have some challenges. One, I said it before, a growing number of ISWAP in some parts of the state is a matter of great concern to everybody. Why? In the shores of the Lake Chad, again in southern Borno State. Luckily enough, I was told there was military deployment yesterday (Wednesday) to southern Borno to fight the insurgents in the Tudun Katarangwa.

“Again, in conclusion, while the challenge of insecurity is being solved gradually,  it is not yet over. I have said it time without number that in addition to what we are doing, there is a need for government to rethink and look into the possibility of hiring mercenaries. I have said it time times without number, there’s nothing wrong. America, Britain many more countries that are stronger than Nigeria, who used to seek support outside, there’s nothing wrong because this problem has been compounded. 
“And it’s not easy for us to solve the security challenges that we’re having now. While Nigeria is providing a lot of things, federal government is buying equipment, there is the need for us to seek support from external agencies to defeat this insurgents once and for all before the matter will reach other parts of the nation. 
“This is very important, whether we like it or not, we have an existing gaps that we need to fill it and this gap by now cannot be filled without external support. While we continue to build our own institutions, training and retraining,” he said.
The governor described ISWAP as more sophisticated terrorist group that the dreaded Boko Haram, warning that if the group is allowed to grow, the menace of latter would be a child’s play. 
He said: “We shouldn’t allow ISWAP to grow. ISWAP  are more sophisticated, more funded and they’re more educated. And we shall do everything possible to defeat ISWAP. Otherwise, what Boko Haram did will be a child’s play. This is an early warning signal. Nigerian Army has to restrategise and defeat ISWAP. ISWAP will be a threat to the entire nation.  Because of the proximity of the Sub Saharan Africa, they are coming from Libya and others resettling here.”
Governor Zulum also canvassed for what he called “stronger solidarity among the security forces” and sustained campaigns needed to finish up the remnants of the insurgents  in the fringes of the North East.
He also warned that “we must not allow the 2023 general elections  to shift our attention completely away from  the focus and restoration of peace in North East and indeed other parts of the nation.”
The governor said two local governments in Borno State are currently not occupied by human  population because “the capacity is not there to protect this  human population to go to this local government areas.”
Zulum also put a question mark on the recruitment process of the personnel of the security agencies, saying that as long as people cut corners to get recruited, the security crisis may persist.


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