Zamfara Governor Hails Justice Muhammadu Shinkafi’s  20 Years Of Service



The Governor of Zamfara State, Dr. Dauda Lawal has expressed  joy and happiness at the way Justice Bello Muhammad Shinkafi  completed 20 years of service   in Zamfara State.

Alhaji Ahmad Garba Yandi, the representative of Zamfara State Governor, Dr. Dauda Lawal   who expressed this  at a reception organized in Gusau town to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the justice, said the governor is happy and excited about this event. 

The justice of the High Court of Zamfara State, Judge Bello Muhammad Shinkafi, in his remarks, expressed  full satisfaction with the blessings of Allah by making him a judge, just as his grandfather and father both served as judges.

“I come from the family of judges because my grandfather and father were all judges, so  I became a judge and my dream has come true. If today I return to God, my dream is fulfilled”. He said.

Justice Bello Muhammad Shinkafi was excited by the reception organised in his honour to mark  20th anniversary as a judge, which had in attendance, family and friends.

“Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, everyone who comes to see the kind of people who have gathered here is thankful to God Almighty only because of the important people who have gathered here,  is really something to thank God for. I thank everyone who came here  Thank you very much.” He stressed.

In his speech, the Chief Judge of Zamfara State, Grand Khadi, Judge Dahiru Muhammad, said that,  “he is our judge, he is our man, we have worked with him for a long time, we have worked under him since he was Chief Registrar (CR) and we were junior judges since then, he respected us.  Dear God, we are very grateful.

“So I assure the public that he is a good man who loves the people and is honest. May God bless him with good health and make us all safe with him.

In his speech, Khadi Kabir Hafiz Gusau congratulated justice Bello Muhammad.

“We ask God to protect him more and guide him and all of us and give us the wealth to finish the work with health and all the blessings that he is looking for in the work of God. May God bless him, protect him, may God protect us all for the blessings of the Qur’an.”

A former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Zamfara State, Alhaji Altine gave a brief biography of their lives when they were school students.

“He is an expert in mathematics and English because he is a very intelligent person who excelled in all the subjects that were taught  us as students.

‘Even at that time, we as students were receiving the gift of a gifted student at Usman Dan Fodio University Sokoto.

“I know he read 1,200 novels  in order to improve his English and increase his intelligence,” he recalled.

He said Justice Bello Muhammed is a person who if he makes a promise, he  tries to fulfill it and he  who loves friendship with everyone.

The reception was attended by men and women in and outside Zamafara State, who turned up to congratulate Justice Bello Muhammad on his 20th anniversary as a judge.


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