Youths Conniving With Elders To Deny Them Leadership Worries Community Leaders

Dr Nashakyaa Joseph delivering his remarks at the lunching of Almanac of Tiv Community ABU Zaria branch.
A Tiv community leader in Zaria, Dr. Joseph Nashakyaa has expressed concerns over the youths of today, conniving with elders who would not renounce leadership positions to become executive champions.
Dr Nashakyaa  who expressed the concerns at the launching of the Almanacs of the community of Tiv  students, ABU Zaria branch at the weekend.
He said our generation of elders who have no respect for posterity and lack strategic planning, mortgaging the future of children with overburdened debt, then steal from the debt to entrench godfatherism and recruit the frustrated youths, arm them with weapons to be insulting and killing for peanuts.
According to him, these elders are intolerable to brutal facts, which is why they surround themselves with doppelgangers that worship and serve them rather than the reverse.
The leader said leadership is for the youths who are agile, energetic, have edge, can energize and execute projects or programmes ethically, while learning relentlessly to get better information for making corrections of judgement calls made in error.
” I am here to put life in your crippled legs that have confined you to be sitting  beggarly for peanuts at the gates of crooks you say are your leaders for life”.
Dr. Joseph Nashakyaa expressed dissatisfaction with the postponement of even the ability of children to lead, while right from primary school children are assigned leadership responsibilities.
In his remarks, Dr. Abdulhamidu Abdullahi of department of Local Government Studies, ABU Zaria advised Tiv to be accommodative as they were known ever before.
He said Tiv community were known with unity and hard work in all their doing particularly in moving their cultural heritage forward.
Abdullahi charged them to remain resolute and maintain the Tiv orientation, a habit among the Tiv speaking community in any where they find themselves.
The occasion had in attendance,  Dr. Fidelis M. Achiv, the Tor Tiv Zaria, Princess Bridget Ikyembe of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, ABU, Zaria among other dignitaries.


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