Youth Leader Commends Kaduna Electric Over Free Meters in Sokoto


Sokoto State Chairman of National Youth Association Mukhtar Bello Abdulraham has commended the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company for providing free prepaid meters to its Customers in Sokoto State.
The Chairman who stated this after vending at Sokoto Area Office said providing a prepaid meter is a welcome development adding that the new meters would curb the controversial estimated billing system.
The chairman is a resident of Bafarawa Housing Estate  Sokoto under Kaduna Road feeder which is among the feeders where the meter deployment commenced.
He said the new prepaid meter would make for more prudent use of power by the residents.
According to him, the prepaid meters system was efficient and reliable and ensures no more dispute over disconnection for nonpayment as it is a pay as you use system and the smart meter would eradicate the menace of energy theft and bypass by the consumers.
He advised Kaduna Electric to roll out the meters across Sokoto State and all its franchise states.
He also advised all customers that the Company deserves cooperation and appreciation from the members of the general public in ensuring power supply to all and the success of the metering program.


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