You Can’t Blackmail Dogara, Babachir By Sponsoring Fake Christian Groups To Criticize Them, Initiative Tells APC

Yakubu Dogara

*says sponsoring fake people and groups to insult others will not correct party’s big blunder 


A group, Christian Awareness Initiative of Nigeria, has taken a swipe on the All Progressives Congress (APC) over verbal attacks on two prominent critics of the party’s unpopular Muslim-Muslim Presidential ticket ahead of the fast approaching 2023 general elections.

The group in a statement signed by Ambassador Yusuf Kanhu, made available to our correspondent on Sunday September 25, warned the APC that blackmailing former speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara and former Secretaty to Government of the Federation (SGF), David Babachir Lawal, will not stop Christians in the party from speaking against the injustice.

“We wish to inform the APC candidate that blackmail will not stop Dogara, Babachir, and others from telling them the truth.

“Nigerian Christians know the difference between fake Christian groups from genuine groups such as Northern Christians Youth Initiative with her faceless coordinator Hon Mike Msuaan Msuaan. 

“We can go on to name many hungry people who have not attended any church service in the last 10 years but are cashing on the desperation of the APC candidate to show that he has Christians’ support to start none existing Christian groups to enable them to get their share of the cake in circulation,” the statement said.

They said that the church in Nigeria and especially in the North knows the voices and names of their genuine leaders fighting for justice which is different from the newly born and newly introduced names that are only speaking to get money from their sponsors.

“Sponsoring fake people and groups to insult others will not correct your big blunder and will only make more Christians accept the fact that the decision had a hidden agenda,” it pointed out.

According to the statement titled, “Stop  using fake Christian groups and names to attack Dogara and Babachir”, the group stressed that the decision by Nigerian Christians through the umbrella association to reject the same faith ticket was not against any particular party, but advice to all political parties. 

“Sadly the presidential candidate of APC ignored the advice and picked his vice from the same faith.

“The Christian Umbrella body came out in the first place to reject the idea and challenge Christians in APC to tell their party and candidate to do what is right and good for the unity of the country.

“Hon Yakubu Dogara and Babachir Lawal respected the call of their leaders and proved that they are not going to betray the position of CAN just to satisfy their belly,” the statement explained.

It said, “Interestingly , the APC candidate and some of his supporters instead of making an honest effort to convince Christians and especially those Christians in their party about the reason for their action, have chosen to recruit faceless people and are creating unknown groups with funny names to castigate the Christian body and the courageous Christians from their party that are telling them the danger and implication of their ill adviced decision.


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