Yeri A. Madugu: A pillar of peace


By Emmanuel Y. Kwache

Everyone has his own passion. Something that appeals to his thinking. This is not a vocation or career, profession or some learnt thing. It is an in thing; some desire from inside. Often, we quote leaders are born, some acquire it in the classroom, some get tutored on the streets. But no matter what, it is learnt, it is leadership. Some lead the way, some push from behind, becoming inspiration, a motivator, an encourager, while others watch on the fence.
Michika Local Government in Adamawa State is a delicate council. sorted out totally. There is the increasing unemployment amongst the This suspicion between Christians and Muslims is one thing that has to be youths. There is negligence in the administration at the local government secretariat. Physical infrastructural development has not taken place at the rural areas. Be that as it may, many methods and ways have been crafted by individuals and groups to stem the rising tension. Some are successful, while some are faltering. But the most important thing at this point is that moves are made to seek for solution, reconciliation, preaching the gospel of peace.
For example, Mr. Yeri A. Madugu is the chairman of Pulaku/Cattle owners’ Association Michika Local Government, Adamawa State. For two years now, he has been presiding over the relationship between farmers, herdsmen and cattle rearers. Stakeholders, members of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) the Sarakuna Shanu of the eight districts in Michika Local Government Area, cattle owners, Government officials, specifically Director of Agriculture and Natural Recourses, Michika. Mr. Livinus Hunmwakou Lurai represented always by Mrs. Victoria Adams, the acting Deputy-Director Musa Gau, Sarkin Shanu Michika, 07086560692, Njabari Umaru, Secretary Miyetti Allah, Alhaji Ibrahim Njidda, Vice-Chairman Miyetti Allah, Idrissa, Garkuwa, Kuburjalo, Armadu Zakaria, Sarkin Shanu, Murvwa Kuta, Hon. Luka Kwadambu,Higgi Elder, 08181381589. Bulus Ndumari, Divisional Livestock Officer, 08079790859, 08181349025, Alhaji Umaru Bello – Co-ordinator,Miyetti Allah, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello Uda, Wakilin Ardo , 07030954661. In all these meeting there are representatives of the security, like for example SH Holman, Deputy Route Commander (DRC) representing Road Safety, Adamu Mohammed representing Nigeria Security Civil Defense Corps. Lawrence, Z. Jada 07055353031, the Financial Secretary farmers’ Association, he is always with the Chairman Farmers’ Association, Alhaji Usman Chita. The current Divisional Police Officer (DPO) DSP Stephen I. Ukam, Michika Central Police Station was physically present at the last meeting held on 17th Nov. 2012 at Zaibadari Primary School. Superintendent Iliyasu M.Y in-charge – Michika Control Post represented the Nigeria Immigration, Idris Yahaya, Sarkin Shanu Madzi and Alhaji Sani Mohammed concerned citizen were all present. Filibus Tumba, Sarkin Shanu Vi/Bokka was present, Barrister Abubakar Bobboi Abba Bazza was present, and Emmanuel Kauna (SIB) Boss Michika was present also. The secretary, Pulaku/Cow Owners Association is Kabiru Mamadi Kota, Barade Vi.
All in all, what this presents is that Mr. Yeri A. Madugu has been mobilizing, galvanizing, enlightening and brightening the people of Michika for greater understanding and tolerance during this harvest period.
In his address – he called on both sides to be tolerant and have respect and regard for boundaries, herdsmen and farmers not trespassing and for Government especially Adamawa State Government to mark out “Burtali” routes for cattle, sink dams and ponds. These meetings are expensive to hold because some of these areas where the cow owners and cattle rearers come from are the far-flung. Another area Mr. Yeri A. Madugu has been making marks as a pillar of peace is in his position as the chairman, Police Public Relations committee. The secretary is Alhaji Abdulrahman Maina Yaji, Mutawwale Chubunawa.
This committee has interacted with the youths and sought ways to calm down frayed nerves of Okada chaps that were expelled from Lagos, Mr. Yeri A. Madugu in his position as the chairman, Police Public Relations Committee, Michika Local Government in Adamawa State has been up and doing consulting with the eight district Heads in the area to initiate peace moves and skill Acquisition centres, where the kids can learn jobs, whether welding, learning computer, mechanics, watch and phone repairing, tailoring, trade, selling and buying, driving, knitting and sewing and many others. I want to tell you that Mr. Yeri A. Madugu spends out of his pockets to do these thankless, selfless jobs.I suggest that the Michika indigenes should call for a general meeting where by they can donate vehicles to cover the unwieldy Michika terrain with mountain tops and steep hills.
Recently the member representing Michika constituency in the Adamawa state house of assembly in conjunction and collaboration with the state Government donated one vehicle to the police in Michika. It is not enough taking into consideration the vast lands in Michika and the difficult areas. Michika Local Government Area has sixteen constituencies. The honorable member, house of Representatives, Mr. Titsi Ganama Kwaga should do the same and donate a vehicle to the police in Michika. In conclusion, the efforts of Yeri A. Madugu in bringing peace in Michika as an individual and as a leader of two groups is commendable. He should be supported and encouraged in whatever way, no matter how minute. Every hand should be on deck, so that we make sure that these strives, these struggles, these moves that peace must prevail should not be in vain. It is everyone’s burden
After all, the man, Yeri A. Madugu has been spending from his pocket, and at other times on credit and assistance has not come in any other way.
Therefore, the State Government should examine these ways and methods, of maturity in pursing peace and come in, so that the goals and objectives are achieved. It is a delicate time, November, December, and January is time for harvest in this region, where farmers and herdsmen clash. It is compounded by the hundreds and thousands of Michika Okada indigenes who have been expelled from Lagos. We must support the pillar of peace in this due season. A stitch in time saves nine.

Kwache, writes from Jimeta – Yola.


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