World Food Day 2022: There Is Need to Act Now, To Avert Starvation In Nigeria – Group



 With available evidence of the devastating effects of the 2022 flood on farmlands and crops in Nigeria, there has been an urgent call for the various level of government and stakeholders to urgently act to avoid pending hunger in the country.

The warning was made in a statement, by the Healthy Real Initiative For Valued Entrepreneurship, THRive, a non-governmental organisation based in Delta State, on the occasion of the 2022 World Food Day, on Monday, October 17, 2022.

The body, in the statement titled, “Save Nigerians From Impending Hunger”, said that the call has become necessary, as the country is currently battling different forms of insecurity on all fronts. 

The group made the call in line with the 2022 celebration with the theme, “Leave No One Behind”

THRive stated that the current effects of the flood which has washed away many farmlands, and prevented evacuation of farm produce in many areas in the country, calls for sober reflection, and action by all concerned to avert what seems to be an impending food catastrophe in the country.

“The various levels of government in Nigeria, associates and stakeholders must act now to avert serious food crises as we mark today, the World Food Day”.

This is necessary, especially in line with the 2022 theme for the celebration of World Food Day, “Leave NO ONE Behind, we must not in any way allow this to happen.

“Before now, the country was facing insecurity challenges, which has greatly impacted badly on food production. This has caused the astronomical rises in prices of food items in the country.

“While we are still thinking of how to end insecurity for our farmers to go back to the farms, we have another issue at hand, flooding, which has not only washed away farmlands but also prevented farmers from evacuating the already harvested produce.

“We cannot stand to wait; Nigerians must not starve to death. We must act now. Like the United Nations had warned us, with this year’s theme. We must not leave anyone behind.” It said.

The world food Day, initiated by the United Nations, is celebrated annually on October 17.


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