Why NITR Workers Insist Dr Enwezor Must Not Resume As DG


*stage massive protest

*insist her reinstatement capable of causing breakdown of law, order


Hinging on their rights as workers  guaranteed by provisions of the labour act 1990 and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions, particularly conventions 87 and 98 on the “right of freedom of Association and collective bargaining”,  the joint union of Nigerian Institute For Trypanosomiasis Research (NITR), Kaduna  on Friday, protested the reinstatement of suspended DG, Dr.  Felicia Chizoba Enwezor.

Staff of the institute, trooped out in large numbers on Friday September 2, carrying placards with various inscriptions.

Addressing the gathering, joint union chairman of the institute,  Moyijo Hussaini,   said that staff are uncomfortable with her reinstatement for several reasons, including flagrant abuse of her office.

“It is disheartening at this point in time when the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Honourable (Senator) Adeleke Mamora refuses to hear the cries of his staff under his supervision in NITR Kaduna and decided to impose the suspended Overseeing Director General, Dr. Felicia Chizoba Enwezor who was already suspended by the Governing Council of NITR at their 107th Meeting held on the 22nd July, 2022.  

“The suspended Overseeing Director General of NITR Dr. F.N.C Enwezor was relieved off her duties based on the following;

Deliberate failure to carry out the decisions of the Governing Council on Presidential Directives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Ref: SH/COS/16/A/1487).

“Recall over 100 staff on training without due process

Violations of procurement processes. 

“Her actions are prejudicial to the threat of the Security of State as the Institute was shut down for three (3) days in April, 2022 by Staff against her bad leadership. 

Refusal to take lawful orders and directives from the constituted Authorities.

“Leaving her official duty on several occasions without delegating overseeing capacity to the next director of Research in the Institute contrary to Public Service Rules (PSR) 030402.

“Failure to respect and implement Court Order Suit No: NICN/ABJ/297/2021.

Refusal to convene Board Meetings despite Council’s instructions.

Illegal issuance of queries and witch-hunting of staff in the Institute,” the text of the statement, jointly signed by Moyijo Hussaini,   Musa Umar and Rabiu Sani Jibril,” alleged.  , .

According to the workers,  despite all the reasons mentioned above for her suspension by the Governing Council of NITR, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Honourable Senator Adeleke Mamora decided to set aside the decision of the Governing Council and all grievances by Staff of the Institute and reinstated Dr. Felicia Chizoba Enwezor as Overseeing Director General via a letter with Ref. No FMSTI/HM/2021/005/111/422 dated 23rd August, 2022.

“The Minister also went ahead to disregard the constitutional provision of the Act Establishing NITR’s Governing Council (CAP 132 Laws of Federation, 2004) which stipulates five (5) years tenure by asking the Alhaji Shehu Haruna Lambu to step aside in order to impose the suspended Overseeing Director General vide the same letter.

“It is on this note the Joint Unions of NITR, Kaduna found it necessary to embark on a peaceful protest for the Minister’s action Honourable Senator Adeleke Mamora,” the union said.

The union leader stressed that the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria also guarantees the right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly (section 40) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) to its citizens including children,” a right they are enjoying by the protest.


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