Why Nigeria is in sorry state – Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday declared that the present socio-political and economic predicament of the country was a direct fallout of declining national core values.
The President who spoke while launching the National Re-orientation Campaign, called “Change Begins With Me”, at the outer Banquet of the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja,    lamented that “Nigeria today is passing through a challenging moment where hardly anything works in a normal manner.”
He attributed the disturbing phenomenon to the generally held notion that the nation’s core values had totally broken down over the years.
“There is no doubt that our value system has been badly eroded over the years. The long-cherished and time honoured, time-tested virtues of honesty, integrity, hard work, punctuality, good neighbourliness, abhorrence of corruption and patriotism, have given way in the main to dishonesty, indolence, unbridled corruption and widespread impunity.
“The resultant effect of this derailment in our value system is being felt in the social, political and economic sphere. It is the reason that some youths will take to cultism and brigandage instead of studying hard or engaging in decent living; it is the reason that some elements will break pipelines and other oil facilities, thus robbing the nation of much-needed resources; it is the reason that money belonging to our commonwealth will be brazenly stolen by the same public officials to whom they were entrusted; it is the reason why motorist drive through red traffic lights, it is the reason that many will engage in thuggery and vote-stealing during elections;  it is part of what has driven our economy into deep problem out of which we are now working hard to extricate ourselves.
“Every one of us must have a change from our old ways of doing things, we cannot fold our arms and allow things to continue the old way,” President Buhari asserted.
The campaign, according to him was part of the determination of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to seek to carry all Nigerians along on the journey to a better and greater society that they all could be proud of.
Appealing to all Nigerians to be part of the campaign, Buhari said, “Our citizens must realize that the change they want to see begins with them, and that personal and social reforms are not theoretic exercise. If you have not seen the change in you, you cannot see it in others or even the larger society. In other words, before you ask ‘where is the change they promised us’, you must first ask how far have I changed my ways ‘what have I done to be part of the change for the greater good of society’.
The President further admonished that Nigerians must resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship, pettiness and immaturity that had poisoned the country for so long.
“Let us summon a new spirit of responsibility, spirit of service, of patriotism and sacrifice, Let us all resolve to pitch in and work hard and look after, not only ourselves but one another, What the current problem has taught us is that we cannot have a thriving army of rent seekers and vested interests, while the majority suffers,” he stated.
To that extent, Buhari pointed out that rather than sit back and complain endlessly, “we have decided to act pragmatically, with the launch of this National Re-orientation Campaign.”
He noted that the campaign would not be a sprint but a marathon that would run the course of his tenure.
“We are under no illusion that the changes we seek will happen overnight, but we have no doubt that the campaign will help restore our value system and rekindle our nationalistic fervor,” President Buhari added.
Not withstanding that the ‘Change Begins With Me’ campaign, would be driven by government, Buhari urged all and sundry to strongly support it.
He said: “In this regard the private sector is a major stakeholder. Indeed when the campaign succeeds, it will impact heavily on the private sector. A punctual, diligent and hardworking staff can only be of benefit of not just himself or herself or the organization they work for, but to various governments whether at local, state or Federal level.”
Stating the rational for the campaign further, President Buhari expressed regret that the time cherished values of honesty, hard work and  Godliness had given way to all kinds of “manifestations of lawlessness and degeneration in our national life.
“This is why we have among our cardinal objectives ‘change’, which implies the need for a change of attitude and mindset in our everyday life.
“I need not mention the serious effort we have engaged in since the inception of this administration on the fight against corruption in our public life. With the progress we have so far made in that regard, we feel the need to ensure that we put in place the necessary sustainable framework for action and measures that will help to entrench and consolidate the progress achieved so far.
“This we believe can best be maintained through attitudinal change, and the change of our mindset in private and public life. The campaign we are about to launch today is all about the need for us to see change not merely in terms of our economic, social progress but in terms of our personal behaviour on how we conduct ourselves, engage our neigbhours, friends and generally how we relate with the larger society in a positive and definitive way and manner that promotes our common good and common destiny, change at home, change in the work place, change at traffic junction, change at traffic lights etc.”


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