Why Ibadan EAC produces Diesel, Kerosene, Alum from waste plastic, cans – Director …sells for N120 per litre


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
Director of Education Advancement Centre (EAC), Mr Muyiwa Bamgbose has disclosed that the centre is now producing diesel, kerosene and alum from waste plastic and cans.
Mr Bamgbose stated this at the display of the products during an exhibition organised at the EAC headquarters in Bodija, Ibadan attended by the Oyo state Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Professor Adeniyi Olowofela.
The Director pointed out that for now, a litre of the kerosene and diesel produced by the firm from waste plastic and cans costs N120 instead of the average of N200 obtainable in filling stations.
Speaking during the exhibition, Mr Bamgbose, declared that the fuel products offer more advantages than the ones from crude oil and that the products are cheaper and their production is environmentally friendly since it involves the use of non-degradable materials as raw materials.
The Director stressed that the diesel and kerosene known as green products were made from waste thermosetting plastics which do not have any recycle value,adding that the non-thermosetting plastics can be recycled but thermosetting are useless“.
“From those thermoseting plastics, we have been able to produce kerosene that can reduce the cost of fuel and get our environment cleaner because they are non-degradable. The other part is the aluminium from cans. When people finish drinking from aluminium cans, they throw them away. Some compress them and export. But this is something that is more useful to us in Nigeria,”he said.
Mr Bamgbose stated further “when we export the aluminium, we later import chemicals to produce alum whereas this aluminium cans have alum content which we extracted into aluminium hydroxide and reacting it with sulphuric acid, we are able to produce alum that is useful for water treatment and others”.
“Water works need alum to make water cleaner. We have been able to put all these together based on basic science coupled with research and development. We believe that is the function of education. Education should research and find new solutions to new problems”.
He however maintained that “EAC is not willing to go into large production”, saying, “rather, the firm is looking for large scale investors or manufacturers that can produce at that level that will meet the need of Nigerians.
“Right now, we can produce about 500 litres of kerosene and diesel per day. We are able to produce a trailer load of alum in two days. We will begin to offer the products in the next few days. We have approached the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) for quality control and standardization and they are happy to visit our factory”.
In his remark, Oyo State Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology Professor Adeniyi Olowofela noted that the products developed by the firm clearly showed that there is a great future for Nigeria.


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