When The Calls Became Persistent, Sardauna Badarawa Yielded Calls To Serve At The Red Chambers Come 2019

Sardauna Badarawa
By: AMOS MATHEW,  Kaduna
Some politicians force themselves on people by deceptive subterfuge of unending promises that are impracticable to redeem, while decent individuals wishing to go into politics usually wait for people who see good leadership qualities in them to clamour for them to join political race for the benefit of their people.
Hon Usman Ibrahim, I can authoritatively say, falls into the latter category because the demand for his service in an elective capacity has reached a high point that he couldn’t resist the barrage of calls on him to represent his people, so he finally and reluctantly threw his cap into the ring.
He said he had responded to calls from the people to offer himself for an elective position to avoid being seen as arrogant if he declined to answer calls from various quarters to contest in the forth coming election of 2019 adding that he has so much phobia for participating in a representative democracy like ours. He anchored his fear on how every leader would be grilled in the hereafter to give a thorough account of his stewardship here on earth.
According to him, it would be more indicting particularly when one is entrusted by being elected to a leadership position and failed to deliver on his mandate to the electorate.
Questions will be asked on judgement day how a single kobo has been appropriated by elected or appointed office holders, enquiries would be made to the electorate if at all their Representatives had delivered on their promises. These and many other difficult questions leaders would be asked on the day of reckoning should make vying for leadership positions less attractive but the reverse is the case in Nigeria where politicians can do anything doable to win elections despite the associated indicting responsibilities that come with it.
Nigeria needs to keep in tune with the current trend of global politics and its ethos of young and successful business magnates are given the chance into elected positions so that they could replicate in public service their success in corporate business ventures.
Hon Usman Ibrahim fits in as a successful business man who has managed several corporate and personal businesses to the admiration of many who see him as a genius that anything he touches becomes gold.
He is called ” Sardaunan Badarawa” by his numerous admirers who see him as the defender of the defenseless anywhere ,anytime. He has been a prudent manager of human and capital resources and an astute and effective manager of people while he was a technical officer at ABG Telecommunications Ltd, a pioneer satellite conglomerates in Northern Nigeria.
Hon Ibrahim, after a successful career with ABG telecommunications established his business empire which include among others; a hospitality group of companies, communications and logistics service providers.
A man whose philanthropic gestures cut across gender, religion and ethnicity. He gives to the needy without a grudge, countless youths have accessed formal education through his scholarship scheme but he makes no noise about it, poor widows have been supported financially from his generous purse without going to the press to blow it but instead allows beneficiaries of his dividends to speak for him.
So they have come out en-masse through the length and breadth of Kaduna Central Zone and said “Sai Sardauna” and he has yielded their calls to serve as their representative at the Red Chambers come 2019.


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