Weak Institutions Bane of Good Leadership in Nigeria – Sen Akanbi


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
The Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Solid Minerals, Senator Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi at the weekend declared that very weak institution is the bane of of good leadership in Nigeria.
Senator Akanbi stated this while delivering the valedictory lecture organised by the out going executives of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ Oyo State Council titled “Nigeria in search for credible leadership” held at the Press Centre, Iyaganku Ibadan.
He pointed out that presently, the institutional system in Nigeria was fashioned towards having failed leadership and that the search for good leadership in the country may continue for long unless otherwise.
“Our institution is weak. We have a very weak institution in Nigeria. Making law and policy formulation is not the problem of this country, we have well exposed, brilliant and talented Nigerians who are involved in policy formulations and making a suitable law for the nation but our problem is implementation of those policies and laws” he said.
Senator Akanbi stressed that the time has come to build a formidable and strong institution in Nigeria if the country is to have the much needed good leadership for the country to grow.
The Senator representing Oyo South District emphasized that one of the ways through which Nigeria can overcome her challenges, is to ensure that there is strong institution on ground like in the United States of America.
According to Senator Akanbi, “the very weak institution in the country is solely responsible for why we still find ourselves in this situation as a nation”.
“Our past leaders have their faults too, though, some of them are focused while some are not, but if we have a formidable institution as a nation, no matter how weak or careless a person is, the institution will force him to adjust”.
Speaking further, he said to have a better Nigeria, there must be a solid orientation and discipline among the followers as well as enthroning incorruptible, selfless and focus leader who will help the nation in reforming the institution for future generation.
On the plans by the Federal government to borrow $30b dollars to finance projects in the country, Senator Akanbi maintained that there was nothing wrong in borrowing but we have to inject more fund into the economy
“There is nothing wrong in borrowing, we have to inject more fund into the economy of the nation  to ease the recession. But I will not be a party to a situation where part of borrowed money will not be use for what it is meant for, for us to borrow we must fight corruption to  the bearest minimum and we must make use of our local contractors so that there will be flow of cash in Nigerian economy”.


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