Water Association task Minister on National Bill on Water Production By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan


Water Association task Minister on National Bill on Water Production
By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan
President of Association of Water Well Drilling Rig Owners & Practitioners (Borehole Drillers Association),Chief Michael Ale has charged the new Minister for Water Resources, Engineer Adamu Suleiman to ensure implementation of National Bill for sanity in the industry.
Chief Ale who stated this in reaction to some of the anomalies in the sector, declared that the bill is poised to create a framework that will guide the conducts of practitioners in water industry and make the sector more organized.
“Nobody is licensed to drill borehole anywhere in the country due to lack of regulation. Because there is no law of water regulation and standardization, some Asians have come into the country and are drilling illegally everywhere and it is very risky to the lives of the masses,” he added.
The association President maintained that “when a driller is not licensed, there is risk of exposing the drilled water to danger of unhealthy for consumption which has resulted in high mortality rate in the country due to water related sicknesses”.
According to Chief Ale, water sector is more profitable and can compete with oil and gas and telecom sectors if it is well coordinated, adding that unorganized state of water sector is an indictment on the Federal Government and Ministry of Water Resources.
The President added that water can become business “if it is made pure and safe for consumption”, adding that though it is a natural resources but must be paid for to promote profitability and safe water infrastructure from moribund.
While thanking President Mohammadu Buhari for granting their two requests of not merging the Ministry of Water Resources with others and to choose an expert in the field as Minister, he congratulated the Minister, noting that the Minister has been in the system for over 30 year as an expert and he still remains one. Adding that the Minister need to seek advise from the stakeholders to get ideas that can move the sector forward despite being an expert.


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