Victims of Kaduna attack cry for help, recount ordeal


Victims of Gurguzu village, a suburb of Rigasa in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna attacked by gun men on monday and left for death are crying out for help as they battle for life on their sick beds with gun wounds in the hospital.
The victims who recounted their ordeal to New Nigerian Newspapers during a visit to the hospital said since the Police brought them to the hospital, they have been abandoned to their faith having exhausted the little saving they had.
Mallam Muhammadu Sanusi, 50 and a father of two who was shot in the arm and critically lying at a public hospital said, since arrival on Monday, the Doctors just tie the hand that was almost severed by the gun shot, given some pain reliever and was told that the arm may be amputated if the severed bone and flesh did not revert back to their old means.
Same with Iliyasu Matto, 35 also a farmer who was shot by the gun men in his right thigh.
Matto said since the Police brought them to the hospital, they were left at the mercy of no one. He said for the support of extended family members and fellow villagers who could barely save any money as they have all invested in their farms, the situation would have been worst.
They both said having been brought to a public hospital owned and operated by the state government, they thought they would get certain reprieve and receive emergency attention considering their condition.
They pleaded with good samaritans to come to their aid, especially fellow Muslims in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.
Recounting their ordeals, both Matto and Sanusi said on the faithful day, they were on their way back from the farm on motorcycles when they ran into the gun men who all wore blindfolds on their faces, four of them also on a motorcycle with three of them armed with guns.
They said on sighting them and riding at opposite directions, the gun men opened fire on them. They both said they were sure their attackers actually intended to kill them as they sped off after they shot at them as they fell and were unconscious.
Sanusi said they saw the remains of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) staff Abdullazeez Mustapha and five others who were shot dead. He asserted that nothing was removed from the vehicle, neither did the gun men steal anything from the village or any of the villagers.
He stressed that they have never witnessed such an incident in the village.
Both victims said may be the gun men though they were coming after them or to apprehend them as they have a strong feeling that their target was the NNPC staff who owns a farm there, making it look like assassination.
New Nigerian also observed that there was no security provided for the wounded victims at the hospital as anyone could walk in and have access to them, which, considering what they have gone through is not good enough.
The two victims on their sick beds however applauded the Police for their prompt response to their cry in the village after the attack and evacuating them to the hospital.


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