Use Social Media To Hold Politicians Accountable, Expert Tasks At The Agenda Meeting



An expert in communication technology, Mr. Leslie Dongh  has advised electorate to use the innovation of Social Media in holding politicians accountable.

He expressed this in his presentation, titled, “Tracking Campaign Promises Through Social Media”,  presented at  a One-Day Citizens’ Engagement on the Utilisation of Identified Technology Driven Platforms for Tracking and Documenting Campaign Commitments in the 2023 Elections, held in Kaduna on Thursday September 8, 2022. 

“When these campaign promises are made, you can harsh tag them and create a buzz around them, it will be easy to track them,” he said.

Mr.  Dongh said that Social Media is part of communication channel politicians use to share their promises to campaign and should not be taken for granted because it has been used to influence votes.

“It is a platform that reforms political communication,” he added.

The Partnership for Issues-Based Campaign in (Nigeria PICaN) under its flagship project ‘The Agenda’ supported by the Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL FCDO)  organized the meeting.


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