Uphold Islam stand on best practices for SDGs success – Cleric


By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
The President of Ajagun Esin Consultative Forum Prof Sabit Olagoke has declared that for the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be functional in Nigeria or any other nation, the stand of Islam on best practices must be upheld as a divine construct for social construction.
Professor Olagoke stated this while delivering a Ramadan lecture titled “Islam and best Practices:A divine construct for Social construction”.
According to the Cleric, “Islam believes in functional religion, functional education and functional politics as panacea to human problem”, saying the tag on Nigeria and Afghanistan as the most fantastically corrupt nations was a national embarrassment.
Professor Olagoke noted that “our change mantra must bring about paradigim shift of sanity and rationality to save us from further national ridicule”.
Reminding Islamic faithful that “the 2016 Ramadhan has come to emphasize and instruct us on the best practices for the management of our democracy through fear of God in an environment of divinity,” he said, “Theo-Democracy as a concept, has full potential to make lessons from Church/ Mosque /faith based houses of God relevant in the business of governance”.
The Cleric maintained that Shafaudeen-In Islam has been consistently praying for the success of this administration in its bid to restore the lost glory of Nigeria adding that the Mission  has faith in the efficacy of prayer.
At the lecture, three distinguished Islamic leaders from Shafaudeen -In-Islam Worldwide Alhaji Terikiyah Abdul Hadi Olayiwola Yusuf, Hajia Saratu Ayinla and Alfa Amidu Oyeniyi were honoured by the Yemetu Muslim Community while book launchers are Alhaji Sarafa Abiodun Alli former Secretary to  the State Government, Dr.Abdul Ganiy Adewale Ajeigbe, Alhaja Simiat Lapade and Alhaj Abdul Rahman Yusuf Ojasope.


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