(UPDATES) KDSG to stop the salaries of 16,000 workers


By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kaduna State Government Monday said, it would stop the salaries of 16,000 workers in the state who are not biometrically captured in the monthly payroll.
The State Commissioner for Finance Alhaji Suleiman Audu Kwari said in Kaduna as part of the resolution of the State Executive Council meeting.
Kwari disclosed that the 16, 000 workers were yet to furnish the state with neither Personal Sub head Number (PSN) nor Biometric Verification Number (BVN) as required following series of verifications to rid the state of ghost workers and authenticate the monthly wage bill.
He emphasised that the state government would only pay salaries of staff  biometrically verified who have their PSN and BVN, and only MDAs that  comply with the directive would receive salary hence forth.
“From all available records we are unable to get these people to come and verify their names and positions. The names would be published on the national dailies for them to come and justify why their names should go back to the payroll” he emphasised.
He said, those with satisfactory credentials will be retained on the payroll.
“But only on so doing they would be admitted back to the payroll and it is the government desire that it conclude this verification that have taken a while to achieve” he assured.
Kwari said this became imperative because what the state gets now from the federation allocation committee (FAC) is barely enough to offset the state monthly wage bill.


  1. Comment: to hell with government that never considers the people from the grassroot. The legislature are of no use in the state. What type of government is this? Is that really the change we voted for? Actually it’s not. Why, because people especially those at the grassroot level vote you with the hope to see changes with immediate effect, but unfortunately you failed. If you think you are perfect, you are not because perfection is an attribute of Almighty Allah, not a such typical human being like you Your Excellency. Please think again!!!


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