Unique Atmosphere Of Love’s Hope Launching In Kaduna



Saturday September 3, 2022, remains significant as it was the day Zamani Foundation Centre played host to personalities from all walks of life who converged to witness the launching of a book written by Talatu Philomena Zamani titled, ‘Love’s Hope’. 

The gathering was so unique that those invited came at the time scheduled for the programme and those who came using the African time came when the entire programme had ended.  

One will not be far from the truth that some of the personalities present at the launching were friends of the late father, Col. Zamani while others are known to Mrs Talatu Philomena that is strongly engaged in Non-Governmental Organisation activities and so, she is well known in humanitarian assistance within and outside the state.

The programme was well coordinated that it was a gathering of who is who. Above all, it was well attended with personalities identifying with the family of late Col. Zamani as well as the family of the writer of the book.

Most of those who shared their views explained that they have had good times with both families and no wonder that people scrambled as the hall could not accommodate all, hence, some entertained themselves outside as a mark of honouring the invitation to be part of the launching in an elaborate overflow. The programme from the beginning to the end, was, indeed a success.

While recalling events that motivated her to write the book, the author, Mrs Talatu Philomena, stated that her experience in Zamani Foundation and her interaction with youth, especially boys and girls as well as men and women, gave her the opportunity to put her message in a form of a book for people from all walks of life to read and understand what life is all about.

She noted the challenges people are passing through especially in their matrimonial homes, largely because of certain problems, expressing the view that there is still hope for people to look inwards with a view to identifying what the situation is all about, in order to come out of whatever may be the challenges.

She however, advised the youth to be very careful the way they make choices of  life partners in order not to be disappointed but to be cautious, so that they do not make mistakes that will ruin their lives and the purpose of God upon them.


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