UNICEF and the Child Welfare By; Funmi Oroye Aderinto, Kaduna


UNICEF and the Child Welfare
By; Funmi Oroye Aderinto, Kaduna
The joy of every parent is to see their children looking healthy and educated to be something good in life.
But reverse is the case to some children. Many children’s are out of school, some go to school after hawking, some never attend school, some parents have the zeal to take the responsibility of their children, after all it is the duty of  parents to Carter for their children  or guardian.
It is unfortunate, some parents wish to see the best in the life of their children but the means of financing or carter for them is not there.
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) make it as a burden to the fight for the right of children, they promote the rights and improve the lives of every child, in every situation. The organization has been going to many countries to give hope to children and their families.
They make sure that children received basic education and gender equality, through free compulsory quality education for all children.
Talking of the child survival and development, they make it as a duty through their action. The chance for a child to survive is a right owed to every child.


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