Uncle Focus Educational Consult Trains Kaduna Teachers On Digital Technology



Following the need to embrace the digital technology in contemporary global village, Uncle Focus Education Consult Nigeria Contract Limited, has organized a one-day conference for teachers in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State to help build their capacity and efficiency in the teaching profession.

The Lead Consultant and Co-founder Uncle focus Educational Consult Nigeria Contract Limited, Mr. Ziniyet Godwin Hilary, said the vision is to make education in Kaduna State, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, more efficient. 

According to Hilary, Education is efficient on its own and so there is need to add more innovations to it so as to support schools, individuals, government, school owners and children in every way possible to make education better.

Asking about the drive of the project, Hilary noted that the conference was inspired by the various engagements they had with teachers in 2022 with their determination to give the education sector a different look from what it is known through the application of modern technology.

He reiterated that, “we engaged over 1,500 teachers across public and private schools in Kaduna and outside the state and we realized there is a uniformity in their cry as teachers and it bolls down to how their dignity as teachers have been trampled upon.

“They are the light and conscience of our society and we need to carry them on our shoulders because they are our heroes and we need to respect them. So this conference is bringing in teachers from both private schools and public schools to talk and discuss on issues that bother them, issues of nation building, classroom engagement and how to make their teaching and learning easier and better. 

He said the conference will educate the teachers on different topics like the role of teachers in nation building, the role of teachers in civic participation, dignity of a teacher, how a teacher can leverage on technology to make their work effective and easy in the classroom, among others.

The acting Education Secretary, Chikun Local Government Area, Mrs. Sarah Atu, while Fielding questions from Journalists on the benefits of the conference for teachers, said she seized the opportunity when the organization approached her with their proposal because the subject matter deals with upgrading the dignity of the teacher which is a two phase of a thing. 

Mrs. Sarah stressed that, “the teacher has to know that there is need to work towards promoting his dignity not only waiting for the government or any other body to promote his or her dignity.

“At this stage which we are, I know this conference came at the right time that is why we agreed and we liaised with the local government to see that my teachers are trained. Despite the crisis we have now on the issue of cash, the participants were supposed to be 1,500 to 2,000, but because of the crisis, we were unable to have all of them,” she added.

Also speaking,  the Chairman Nigeria Union of Teachers, (NUT) Chikun Local Government Area, Comrade Cyrus Hassan, applauded Uncle Focus for the kind gesture.

He said, “this conference is very educative and I believe it’s going to add value, dignity and respect to the teachers. I also believe it will go a long way to enlighten and educate them on so many things that they are supposed to know.”

He disclosed that teachers in Kaduna State over the years, have gotten the required support in terms of training and encouragement to improve themselves while on the job, but the percentage is very low because the impact of the activities are not very effective. 

Cyrus called on the state government to double its efforts and ensure it meets the needs of Kaduna teachers, thereby improving the quality of their livelihood.

He lamented that incentives and other benefits for teachers in Kaduna State are not getting to them. 


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