True Federalism will set Nigeria free – Adeleye


By: VITALIS UGOH, Calabar.
The Bishop of Anglican Communiin, Diocese of Calabar, Bishop Tunde Adeleye has said that it is only true federalism that will set Nigeria free from its present economic woes.
Adeleye who is also the Chairman of Christian Council of
Nigeria (CCN), South-South Zone, said “it is still my considered opinion that the main solution to all the socio-political and economic problems in this country is by reverting to true Federalism”.
He said “this system allows for division of power between
two (or more) levels of government with equal status. Both the
national and the state governments would have power to make laws and both governments would have autonomy from each other. This means that States should be given autonomous authority to manage some local concerns affecting themselves such aspolice, schools, hospitals, road maintenance, mineral resources, a level of the judiciary”.
Adeleye added “under this arrangement, the Federal Government will be expected to manage other affairs such as the army, diplomatic/consular issues, citizenship, railways, Airways, Foreign Affairs, certain aspects of banking policy, and Judiciary”.
He further stated that until and unless the Federal government of Nigeria becomes less powerful than it is now, we shall continue to have the existing clashes that have become so prevalent and obvious in the country.
Nigeria, he said, is already individual cultural/traditional
nation. Which is why they should be grouped together along the lines of traditional lineages; for meaningful governance; that is, federalism.
Speaking on the Niger-Delta Avengers , the Bishop said
“we use this opportunity to call on the Federal Government
to please tread a little softly on the determination to deal with the Niger Delta militants with heavy display and use of military  might and weapons as that may not solve the problem”.


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