Tribute To Comrade Christina Bawa: A Shining Star In Unionism



 Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.

I must congratulate my mentor, friend, sister and a mother, former Secretary of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and National Association of Nigeria Nurses And Midwives (NANNM), Kaduna Council, Comrade Christiana John Bawa for her transfer to a greater office of  NANNM, Headquarters Abuja.

Her transfer to Abuja created a wide vacuum that would be very difficult to fill at NLC Kaduna State Council but only few know this.


“This is the time to tell the world that Kaduna State government is anti-worker and it wants to destroy the civil service in the name of reform. Enough of the sacking of workers…” I recall her saying.

John-Bawa said all NLC affiliates in the state would join the strike. Among them are the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG); the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW); the National Union of Electricity Employees of Nigeria (NUEE) among others. 


Comrade Christiana is one of the most committed, experience, hardworking, fearless, courageous and dauntless woman i came across in 2019.

– Christiana John Bawa intermediates Comrades  with her wealth of experience particularly on struggle, years of service, knowledge on trade act and industrial relationship during her time in Kaduna activated the moral of our Comrades who went to sleep.

 Media Relationship 

Christiana understand the importance of media in the struggle, she always encourage whatever activities is going on, media must be involved because nothing is achieved without the media.


Christiana dedicated her entirely life to labour struggle, she contributed her quota that gave advantages to Kaduna State Council of NLC became first in the whole country for labour activities in 2021 under Chairperson Comrade Ayuba Magaji Suleiman.

 Christiana As A Woman 

She is a woman with a golden heart, she doesn’t believe in African time, she  touched many hearts during her stay in Niger and Kaduna states councils respectively.

During the NLC interactive session with governorship candidates, she asked a question to Labour Candidate on African time that took him time to answer.


Christiana hates only those that are lazy and cannot deliver, her goal is to move the Council to a greater height. She respect people’s faith, she believes in commitment not religion, region or ethnicity 

My first meeting with former Secretary of NLC,  Kaduna State Council, Christiana John Bawa was during the inauguration of Chairperson NLC, Kaduna State Council, Comrade Ayuba Magaji Suleiman as first Exco at NUT Conference and since then, we became family.

I will always remember her voice calling Tijjani and Talatu. (Tijjani is the Messenger of the council, while Talatu is the secretary in her office).

In life, we often hear that ‘perseverance pays off’. It is no secret that each generation wishes to nurture and raise the next generation in a way that is greater than themselves. And to do this, elders often teach the values of hard work, focus, dedication and perseverance. 

My dear Comrade,  I wish you a successful stay in your new place of work!

Adamu Yusuf, immediate paste Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kaduna Council Chairman, sent in this tribute. 


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