Those Kicking Against Fuel Subsidy Removal Ignorant Of  Economic Advantages   – Kailani Muhammad


An energy expert and former staff of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Engineer ( Dr.) Kailani Muhammad  has said  that those kicking against the removal of  fuel subsidy are either ignorant about the economic advantages or misguided by few selfish individuals.
According to him, the removal of fuel  subsidy by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the best decision for Nigeria’s progress and development.
President Tinubu in his inaugural address on Monday, declared an end to the era of subsidy payment, saying the 2023 budget made no provision for fuel subsidy, so further payment was no longer justifiable. But this didn’t go down well with the labour unions and some Nigerians who felt the decision is hasty.
Engineer Kailani Muhammad, who is also the National Coordinator of Confederation of All Progressives Congress (APC) Support Groups  in a reaction to news on the subsidy removal, said that it was high time NLC, TUC and other Nigerians  face the  reality of the pronouncement of the President  and decision of the national oil company, NNPCL to support it.
While commending President Tinubu for taking the bold step to remove fuel subsidy and Management of NNPCL’s position to accept it in good faith, noted that the subsidy era wrecked  serious havoc on revenue generation and can’t be retained under this harsh economic conditions.
He however, described as unfortunate, the situation where petroleum marketers have within 24 hours of the pronouncement,  hiked prices of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) otherwise known as petrol at the filling stations to over 700 Naira per liter.
He further said, “Marketers hoarding: products  should know  that NNPCL had said no going back on the withdrawal of subsidy.
“NNPCL is doing its best to ensure adequate supply of fuel to douse the problem of panic buying.”
He expressed joy that the Mele Kyari led Management has already taken proactive measure to ensure constant fuel supply to avoid queues at filling stations.
Meanwhile, he asked Nigerians to embrace the decision by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to reposition the oil industry and create a purse for the proceed accrued from sales of PMS  to be used for sustainable development.
“The idea of NLC and other labour unions threatening and demanding that the refineries must be working first before withdrawal of subsidy is retrogressive and far from economic reality,” he stressed.
He urged marketers to do the needful by opening stocks and selling to the public with hope that market forces of supply and demand will determine pump prices of petrol henceforth.
According to him, good marketers will capitalise on the advantages and buy and sell at competitive reasonable prices and make more profit on investments.
Eng. Kailani noted that all stakeholders in the oil sector must come together to fashion away out the crisis.
He however, called on Nigerians to support Tinubu-Shettima led APC government with assurance that Nigerians will enjoy sustainable growth and development across all sectors of the economy, adding,  “Tinubu has good intentions for the country”.


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