The Buharis caution not to rock the ship of state


By; BALA B. BITRUS, Minna.
A Public Relations/Public Affairs Commentator and Analyst, Mr. Fred Shadrach has cautioned the first family to be weary of the dangerous trappings in the media world just as he warned against bringing shame and scorn to themselves by speaking against each other’s position through the public gallery.
Mr. Shadrach spoke to our correspondent at the weekend against the recent interviews granted by the wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari to the foreign Hausa Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation, (BBC) on developments within the APC led administration in the country and the counter response from her husband.
He expressed concern that the first family had fallen cheaply to the slippery traps laid against them by the media just as he noted that the gullible Nigerian public world is now laughing and mocking at the first family’s seeming disunity.
He warned that a house that appears divided against itself is not only mocking itself but it would have exposed itself to the outside world to be ridiculed, chastised and crucified so cheaply.
The Public Commentator urged the President to avoid the dangling slippery ropes of the media world just as he urged Mr. President to advise his wife against making open ended public statements on such issues that could bring the present administration into vide confrontations over placid statements made that could easily be misconstrued or overblown out of proportions by adversaries for political reasons.
He noted however that though the wife of the President has the right to talk and speak as a free born citizen, henceforth she should be mindful of her sensitive position and the tight corner the country has found itself in with her husband at the helm of affairs as the country’s leader.
Shadrach pointed out that for those occupying key, sensitive positions, “often silence in most cases pays than being vocal or outspoken no matter what the provocations could be”.
He appealed to the first family to learn from the pitfalls of the heats that has been generated from their separate comments and quickly knit their “vocal cavities” in their own interests and for the unity of their home.
He similarly enjoined those managing the media offices and the image of the first family to be pragmatic than “making clueless after thought attempts to clean up a mud when it is still fresh.
The Public Analyst said since Mrs. Aisha Buhari has accepted that she has no office as the First Lady, any advice from her on the way forward to the government led by her husband should be done privately, wisely and reasonably without rocking the boat.


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