The Atiku-wike Imbroglio: It’s Time To Heal!



For the records, I wish to state that this my third open letter to Atiku Abubakar on the subject of Governor Nyesom Wike, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the 2023 elections. 

In my first letter, I pointed out how Gov. Wike preserved the heart and soul of PDP post 2019 Presidential elections. I stated that PDP was nurtured for years by Gov. Wike, who became the de-factor leader of the party, taking of the party, the PDP Governors and at the same time, defending the party from abuse by members and non-members. 

I advocated that what happens in the future of PDP, Gov. Wike would occupy a prominent place as a faithful party man, a courageous politician, and a man with a good future ahead of him.

Political parties, by their nature, are  made up of all manners of people having common interest to win a political contest. The poor masses, the followers and the inert masses usually work to ensure victory for the party.  

They are used and dumped because they are drones without a sting. They may or may not be recognized.  In fact, they don’t care. Once they deliver, they go back to their main business. This time around, the PDP decided the Poor masses and the followers musty have a say. The drones without a sting are usually represented by the politicians. One of such politicians is Gov. Wike.

The drones with a sting are those around the Presidential Candidate, who always have the ears of the Candidate, and mostly represent themselves and their parochial interest. They mostly survive by causing dissention at the highest level of the party, playing stakeholders among themselves and fester the clash of personalities. 

The issues between Atiku Abubakar and Gov. Nyesom Wike have defied all solution because the drones with a sting around  Atiku, have continuously misled the Presidential Candidate. They make statement s indicating that Gov. Wike should be ignored, or Gov. Wike is inconsequential to the fortunes of the party even in Rivers State.  

Ignoring Gov. Wike is politically and morally wrong, in fact, it is bad. Understanding and accommodating him is the right thing to do. Gov. Wike kept PDP alive over the years before the 2023 agenda brought life into the Party. Gov. Wike is a great asset to the PDP and Nigeria. Ignoring him is not only unfair, but self- defeating.

Those who know Atiku are surprised that the “ Wike issue” have kept festering almost out of control. Atiku is first class politician. A very astute politician, particularly when it comes to give and take for the common good.

So, what’s happening to the Atiku we know.? The answer is simple, the drones with a sting that surround him have prevented him from taking a decisive action on this matter.

Gov. Wike is a great asset to the PDP and Nigeria. Ignoring him is not only unfair, but self- defeating.

Gov. Wike is a drone with a painful sting, a fighter who should always be by the side of Atiku Abubakar. A few former Governors making unhelpful comments on the Wike – Atiku issue should be called to order. 

A few personalities should intervene and resolve this issue once and for all. While Sen. Iyorchia Ayu remains the Chairman of the Party, an agreeable procedure needs to be put in place to address the worries of Gov. Wike in the long run. However, Sen. Iyorchia Ayu could also subordinate his own claims to the office of the chairman and voluntarily resign to make way for peace, unity and success of Atiku Abubakar in the Presidential elections in 2023.

This situation requires sacrifices from all stakeholders, for the greater good. If the party rules cannot be changed midway, there is a need for an agreement on timeline to achieve unity now and after winning election.

We believe the drones with a sting around Atiku feel threatened by Gov. Wike’s personality. Wike dominates his environment by nature. We  cannot take that from him. He is important and useful to the Party any day.

He must be brought close to the decision-making environment of the Party and be  treated as an insider, so that after the success of the Party, he will remain an insider, an influencer, and a strong man to watch. The PDP needs Gov. Wike while in Government.  Atiku needs Wike for the good he has done to the party and the good he could do in the future. 

The PDP must decide and acknowledge that Gov. Wike have a stake in the PDP now and the future. The PDP should stop pretending and  must recognize that Gov. Wike has legitimate ambition which must be accommodated in the future. Atiku and the PDP must determine the best way to go about helping Gov. Wike realize his ambition or those of his people. Gov. Wike earned his position through shear hard work to the people of River State and the PDP nationally.

As the main Opposition Party since 2015, PDP should be seen to attract more followers from the other parties. Internal wranglings must be brought under control to the barest minimum. It must never be allowed to fester and threaten the bright chances of the party in 2023.

Atiku Abubakar, the politician, the Philosopher and the Businessman is a well-balanced  Leader, who is neither mean nor ungenerous, nor boastful nor cowardly, can hardly be difficult to deal with or unjust. Where then is the problem with Gov. Wike coming from? The answer is simple! It is coming from a few spent politicians and drones around him, who still have a sting or a means to sting. They are rich and  energetic leaders and seem  to have their way most of the time. Their appearance always causes trouble in the group, and they could go to any extent to protect their interest, even at the expense of their Principal.

Enough of the meanness, and pettiness around our Presidential Candidate! Let’s place the right value on Gov. Wike, as Bacon the Philosopher says, “for where truth gives the lead, we shan’t expect a company of evils to follow”, but we shall expect a just, sound character and self-discipline as well”.

Dr. Sani Adamu

23rd October 2023


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