Swallow Your Pride, Accept Atiku’s Defeat, PDP Stalwart Cautions Wike


*says recall that disgraceful fall of Biblical Pharoah, Nebuchadnezzar should be a lesson to you


A People’s Democratic Party (PDP), stalwart in Adamawa State, Mr. Mark Wosi has blasted the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, warning him to thread with caution over his pride for not accepting defeat.

He said the way and manner Nyesom is doing is becoming unbecoming of a politician of his worth, who is heating the polity of the PDP unnecessarily.

Mark, a loyalist of the PDP Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, warned Wike to remember that Atiku started politics long ago before his dream of becoming a political figure in Rivers State became a reality.

Wosi said the daily noise making of Wike has portrayed his political inexperience, forgetting that defeat is part of the game of politics that will make one a better politician.

“But his attitude of not allowing PDP to be because Atiku is the preferred candidate to win through the popular votes of Nigerians is discrediting the party,” he said.

Mark advised Wike to stop heaping blames and chasing shadow over the emergence of Atiku, the presidential candidate, and Iyorchia Ayu, the PDP national chairman.

He said both Atiku and Ayu came through the party congresses and he should be reminded that the Presidential candidate has the prerogative to choose whomever he likes to be his vice.

“It always surprises me to hear Wike making noise that he has been keeping and running the party in Atiku’s absence. Let me tell you before Wike thought of becoming a member of PDP, many people have been running the affairs of the party.

” Wike is not a founding member of PDP, Atiku is a forefront founding member, whose wealth was used to grow the party to its present glorious stand. And whenever Atiku leaves the party for another, he did that for concrete reason.

“For example, when he was a Vice President and wanted to contest, President Olusegun Obasanjo stopped and threatened to expel him from the party. To prove a point it’s his right to contest, he went to court and a judgement was passed in his favour, but he later left the party. This and many reasons Atiku at one point or the other left PDP for other political parties,” Wosi said.

He tasked Wike to stop claiming that the 2023 presidential election id the turn of the South.

Explaining, he said that by calculation, Goodluck Jonathan’s was at the helm when it was the turn of the North, led by Umaru Musa Yar’adu’s administration, which was abruptly short-lived by his death and Jonathan took over, as a Southerner.

“It was at this point that people like Atiku rose and said Jonathan’s aspiration of continuity must not be, but he won the election in 2011, a reason he (Atiku) left PDP again to APC in 2015 to prove to Jonathan that there is a zoning policy over the years being respected.

” So what is the noise about? Atiku has been a founding and a funding member of PDP, running the affairs of the party from his pocket before Wike thought of joining the party.

“Wike does not have to say he is the one bankrolling the party, Atiku has been doing that, nobody knows and is still doing it without anybody’s knowledge.

” Atiku is a mature politician who since 1992 to date, has been contesting elections to be the President and losing. He has never complained. But Wike’s case is different. I guess he is just a baby when it comes to politics. Because one loss at an election and he wants heaven to fall?

“It shouldn’t be so, he should allow PDP to move on, maybe it is not his time, he should not take the position of God because he didn’t get the presidential ticket of PDP or he was not picked to be a vice president,” Mark stressed.

The Atiku supporter warmed Wike not to play the position of God over his life and political career.

He cautioned the Rivers State governor to be careful not to end up being like the Biblical Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar whose pride made them have a disgraceful fall.

“I advise him to calm down and move the party forward, with the good spirit of sportsmanship, because he is not the first person to lose an election.

“He should allows peace to reign and allow Atiku to be pushing the agenda of PDP to win the election come 2023,” Wosi suggested.


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