Supreme Court Judgement: Ayade resigns to fate


By; VITALIS UGOH, Calabar.
The embattled governor of Cross River, Senator Ben Ayade, returned back to the state after spending over one month in the federal capital Abuja where he was alleged to have been battling with his case against Joe Agi in the Supreme Court on September 27, 2016.
On his arrival at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Ayade told his political aides and some PDP supporters that he has resigned his fate to God Almighty and they should take whatever decision that comes out of the case in good fate.
It would be recalled that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had reportedly disowned him at the Supreme Court last week accusing him of playing APC instead of supporting his party.
Ayade further confirmed that the Supreme Court has set December 9, 2016 for judgment in the matter wherein Joe Agi SAN is challenging him for perjury and asking that he Agi, who was the first runner up in the People’s Democratic Party primary election be declared governor duly elected under the banner of the party.
Ayade declared “God shall not disgrace us. God shall not send us out in shame, God knows our heart, and God knows the innocent and I cry to God for the manipulation of man will come to nothing”.
He went on saying “God will go ahead of us; worry no more, cry no more, feel us, if the worst happens, it is God’s will.
“Today is a special day in the life of the people of Cross River. I want us to dedicate today to God. The people of Cross River State are very patient people, very peaceful people. We have a heritage, and we are akin to people who love each other. Never in the history of Cross River have we had a situation where brothers fight at this extreme level”.
“Today, we are before the court of man, to decide the fate and destiny of Cross River people, God shall take control, God shall establish himself. The lion of Judea shall conquer because truly in the name of God I am totally innocent”, he added.


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