Sultan Bello Mosque: Council of Imams and Ulama condemns Gumi, sues for peace


Council of Imams and Ulama Kaduna State branch has condemned Sheihk Ahmed Gumi for purportedly declaring Imam Balele Wali of Sultan Bello Mosque removed.
Addressing pressmen in Kaduna Wednesday, the Imam of KRPC Mosque and Chairman Council of Imams and Ulama Kaduna State branch, Sheik Usman Abubakar Babatuni said affairs of the Sultan Bello Mosque lies strictly on the Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Abubakar Sa’ad and Jamatu Nasir Islam, not for a single individual to decide the removal of the Imam of Sultan Bello Mosque.
Babatuni said ‘’the Council is worried about the development at the Sultan Bello Mosque. The council also realize that the Imam of Sultan Bello Mosque was wrong, however the incident has not warrant for blackmailing and tarnishing of the image of the Imam’’.
According to him, “the issue affects the Council of Imams and Ulama directly, the Council did not accept the removal of the Imam of Sultan Bello Mosque as declared by Dr. Ahmed Gumi, our respected brother does not have the authority to unilaterally remove the Imam of Sultan Bello Mosque since it affairs lies on JNI and Zauzau Emirate under the Sultan of Sokoto’’.
“We wish to convey to Dr. Ahmed Gumi that it will be a great mistake for him announce a new Imam and we are calling on all security agencies to rise to the challenge by ensuring adequate security at the Sultan Bello Mosque ’’ he added.
Recall that the two renowned Islamic clerics, Doctor Ahmed Gumi and Malam Balele Wali disagreed over who amongst them would read the sermon (Khutbah) after the two raka’at Eid prayer.
Supporters of the respective clerics, according to eye witness account, took on each other when attempt by Balele Wali to snatch the microphone from Gumi met a stiff resistance.
According to the eye witness, “It was a rainy morning and Malam Balele Wali who is the substantive Imam, could not turn up early for the prayers.
The faithful in their hundreds were held unnecessarily and it was suggested that Doctor Gumi should lead the prayers.


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