Stop hiding under the shadows of Sardauna, revive his legacies – Sultan to Northern leaders


Stop hiding under the shadows of Sardauna, revive his legacies – Sultan to Northern leaders
By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
The Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence Alhaji Abubakar Sa’ad Abubakar has called northern leaders at various levels to stop hiding under the shadows of the late Premier of region and Sardaunan Sokoto Sir Ahmadu Bello but revive his legacies and provide employment opportunities for the teeming populace.
Delivering a goodwill message at the 50th memorial anniversary of the death of the late sage, the Sultan said if we want to be fair to ourselves, we have to run back to the various literature on Sair Ahmadu Bello and read, “not just read, but work with what we have read”.
According to him “I challenge everyone here to stop hiding under the shadows of Sardauna. If we want to see the North of our dreams; the leaders and the led must work, behave like Sardauna”.
Sultan said if you have good leadership and bad followership, there will still be problem and vice versa.
“My challenge is to the leaders of the North, you have a lot of problems in your hands. The world economy is at its worst, Nigeria being part of the world, you are therefore part of that economic problem” he stressed, adding that there are many unemployed citizens who the leaders must cater for as an idle and hungry man is ready tool for vices and people with ulterior motives.
He advised the Northern Governors to come together, device means to aid the federal government revive the Ajaokuta Steel Mill which can generate thousands of jobs.
He also challenged them to invest more in the agriculture sector and make the venture lucrative as the whole region can boast of arable land where cash crops can thrive. “We can make a lot of money from the crops that we can send out of this country. And if you face this two issues squarely, in the next four or five years, the North will be better for it” he stressed.
Sultan  said if the region can concentrate on cotton farming for instance, which gives the United State 150 billion naira annually, it will be a money spinning venture for the region and the country at large as there is a large market for the product.
He advised the leaders to imbibe the qualities that made the late Sardauna a role model to may; eschewing corruption which he said both Islam and Christianity abhors, embrace unity which made the North the envy of all to move the region and the country at large forward.
He assured the region’s leaders of the support of the Sultanate and the traditional institution at any given time.


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