Stop blame game politics on Nigeria economy – Don


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
A lecturer with the Lead City University, Ibadan, Professor Afolakemi Olasumbo Oredein on Wednesday advised the Federal Government to stop the blame game politics on the present socio-economic condition in the country
Professor Oredein of the Institution’s Department of Educational Management gave the advice in Ibadan while delivering the 6th Inaugural Lecture of the institution entitled “Good Leadership for National Development: The Inevitable Fraternal Twins and Irresistible Skills as Matters Arising”.
The University Don declared that rather than engaging in blame game politics, the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration should fashion out possible ways of tackling and find solution to the economic challenges now rocking Nigeria.
According to Professor Oredein, the time has come for the present leaders in the country to rise up to the challenges and be ready to address the issues as they reared their instead of allowing such issues to degenerate into crisis before it could be looked into.
“You should stop biting around the bush by waiting for the time when the people would start to react or revolt. Our leaders should not wait until issues degenerate into conflict or conflict escalates before it is managed, they should identify opportunities for growth, improvement, change and development, and make the best maximisation,”she said.
Professor Oredein stressed that “issue of national development is a function of both the leader and the led”as “yet much is required from the leader because to whom much is given, much is desired, and the leader has been given the power and the authority to rock the boat”.
She disclosed that with the situation in Nigeria, there is the need for training and re-training of leaders on effective leadership communication and decision making for proper and deliberate provisions for conflict management”.
According to Professor Oredein, if Nigeria leaders can embrace use of ICT,it will go a long way in addressing most of the issues affecting the nation’s economy promptly,saying,” the frequent use of information technology should be encouraged at all levels in Nigeria to enhance communication among people”.
“Leaders at all levels should allow stakeholders to participate in decision-making and equally give room for open communication. Through the use of information technology in communication, time is saved, boredom is reduced, matters are attended to promptly, information reach the appropriate quarters quickly and actions are taken without any delay”.
She added, “hence, leaders at all levels should be trained and re-trained on the use of Information Communication Technology to enhance their daily activities.
Leaders at all levels should be enlightened on the ability to take decisions, and time taken before decisions are made as the facts available before making a decision go a long was in affecting the national development”.
Professor Oredein who said Communication and decision-making is a needed synergy for good leadership in national development,pointed out that “Communication can play an important role in empowering people to influence the decisions that can bring national development. National development can only realize the full potential if communication and decision making are shared effectively and if people are motivated and committed to achieve success”.


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