Stakeholders call for proper insurance for Nigeria’s playersStakeholders call for proper insurance for Nigeria’s players


After a forum organised by Bestworth Consultants for Better Organised Nigeria Premier League has ended in Kaduna, with several stakeholders called for proper insurance package for Nigerian players.
This was contained in a communique signed by the Co-ordinator, Vincent Akinbami and made available to New Nigerian Sports.
According to the communiqué, Dahiru Sadi the President of afcon players union, said that what we have on ground is that players sign NPL forms, instead of signing of contract between the player and club or club and a coach.
He explained that the sign on fees was important since there is no proper insurance policy for the players, adding that clubs should agree with players what they can pay and not agree on sign-on fees without having the means to pay.
Victor ezeji a veteran league player said that if all contained in the communiqué is implemented, Nigeria league problems would been solved.
“Because the issues discussed in the briefing are the major problems. “Like I always say, players welfare is the major problem in Nigeria football,we are the principal actors and we are being neglecte.
“Over 200 million Naira is owed to players in Nigeria league. I pray NPL will look at this issues this season,” he added.
The co-ordinator of the press briefing, Vincent Akinbami said that if NPL can get the area of players contract right, it would reduce the way players move around, which will bring about continuity and good play that would subsequently attract fans to stadium and thus, entice sponsorship.
He added that: “some tiny issues are being neglected,we have always been trying to build from the top, rather than laying a good foundation to sustain the biulding.”
The press briefing was a production of the consensus of opinion and suggestions at the forum last year by its participants, ranging from football coaches and players, sports journalists, player agents, sports consultants and player managers.


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