Speaker Dogara’s Aide Resigns In Protest


Zakariah Yasan Sinimbut, a senior legislative aide to the House of Representatives Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, has resigned his appointment, saying he will no longer work with his boss.
He announced his decision to resign in a chat with journalists in Bauchi Tuesday.
Sinimbut, who before the resignation was the spokesperson of the Dogara Campaign Organization told journalists in Bauchi about his decision to relinquish the appointment.
Mr. Zakariah Sinimbut alleged that he was accused by other Dogara’s aides of working against the Speaker’s interest and siding with his opponents, an allegation which Sinimbut denied.
Sinimbut explained that the problem started when he invited a former member of the state House of Assembly representing Bogoro constituency, Rifkatu Samson to join the‎ All Progressives Congress (APC) after leaving the PDP.
According to him, his call to the former state lawmaker‎ was interpreted by some people close to the speaker as undermining his political machinery in his federal constituency which comprises of Bogoro, Dass and Tafawa Balewa.
“I have been working with the Speaker with all honesty and I have never worked against any of his interest.‎ It is a known fact that the APC doesn’t have a house member in Bogoro, because we did not win the election there”, he recalled.
He further narrated, “When Honorable Rifkatu Samson left the PDP, as a member of the APC, I invited her to join the APC and contribute as she has done in the PDP. That was what caused the problem for me”.
Mr. Sinimbut further explained that he was invited to the office of Dogara’s adviser on constituency matters where he was told that the Speaker has allegedly ordered for the termination of his appointment for promoting the former lawmaker.‎
“I was also accused of working in cohort with the state government and the state APC leadership both of which have been at loggerheads with Speaker Dogara for a long time
“The state government has never invited me for anything nor do I go to them for anything. I should have even apologize to them because I have been speaking against them in my attempt to protect the Speaker’s interest which I do with all sense of commitment”, Sinimbut said.
He told the press, “There is nothing more discouraging than for one to be doing what is not appreciated. That is why I decided to resign my appointment and stop working for Dogara”.‎
“So in my capacity as the spokesperson of Dogara Campaign Organization, member Planning and Steering Committee and a Senior Legislative Aide working for him at the National Assembly, I have resigned from the job”, he concluded.


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