Southern Kaduna Killings: A Coordinated Exercise – Apostle Bako



The Vice President Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Kaduna chapter, Apostle Emmanuel Bako, has noted that looking at the magnitude of the Southern Kaduna killings, it is coordinated attempt to exterminated the people.

He stated this after he visited some of the affected communities that suffered the attacks by alleged herdsmen in the Southern part of the state.

“We are Men of God, we must be able to tell ourselves the truth, it pains any reasonable human being to see the level of destruction done by this herdsmen.

“Most of the destruction we have seen here is more on the indigenes, that is, in the Christians areas which are more affected.

“I visited Dangoma, a predominantly Fulani Community and I did not see any house razed down by fire or any destruction there.

“The destruction l saw in Goska is beyond what we have been reading in the social media and newspapers. What we are seeing today in Godogodo is disheartening,” he lamented.

Apostle Emmanuel Bako called on the government to increase the number of security personnel to enable the indigenous people access their farmlands.

”I observed that most of the security agencies are on the main roads rather than being inside the bush where these terrorists are hiding and failure to flush the terrorists from the bush may lead to starvation in Southeast Kaduna.

“The people cannot be depending on relief materials or wait for NGOs, they have to go back to their farm lands,” he observed.

He called on the Church to stand on the truth no matter the level of persecution, stressing that, “As true believers, our heavenly father will one day wipe away our tears as He did to the children of Israel.”


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