Sokoto APC: How The Cookies Crumbled



Often times people say the “law is an ass” because ” no be person wey first call police de always  win case”. If the law is an ass then “Karma too is a bitch”. Karma is real because what goes around comes around.  Now that the Sokoto APC ” coup plotters” have failed in their desperate attempt to destabilize the party, where do they go from here? There are two sides to every attempted coup, you either plan and execute successfully or plan to fail and face the consequences.   Somewhere mid last year, Hon. Abdullahi Salame and two others were sponsored to cause confusion in the APC and they came out under a false umbrella of Sokoto Vision 2023. 
The name sounds catçhy but beneath that, there was a sinister motive which gradually unfolded and their collaborators who were hiding under a mask were unmasked. 
It became clear, they were being sponsored by some external forces who thought they could take away the APC from the present structure which has always been solid as the Gibraltar.  Hon Salame and Senator Abubakar Umar Gada were pushed by their greed for power and thought by rebelling against the APC structure under Hon. Isa Sadiq Achida they could dislodge Senator Wamakko who has been the party’s strong pillar since its formation in 2014. 
What the disgraced politicians did not put into consideration was that greed is very dangerous because if you give way to it, the end result would be devastating. That is just one way the cookies always crumble through greed.  The three Sokoto APC moles who began the rebellion knew they could not dare the tiger by its tail so they had to look for external help and that was where the attorney general of the federation, Abubakar Malami and some highly placed Sokoto government officials came in. ( Ance kashin baki sai taro).
What began like a mere drama started taking new twist and the attorney general did not hide his involvement when he announced in Sokoto on February 27 while commissioning some items Salame distributed to some of his misled supporters in the APC and PDP respectively that one Mainasara Sani was the chairman of APC in Sokoto and not Hon. Isa Sadiq Achida while the case was still in court. Malami as the Chief Law Officer of the land goofed. That singular statement made by Malami proved his involvement in the Sokoto APC crisis and made a lot of political observers wonder what business has Malami in Sokoto by meddling in the APC internal crisis? Simply put, power. 
For someone who has been fingered in the lingering APC crises before the March 26 convention, he wanted to spread his tentacles to neighboring states of Sokoto and Zamfara to enable him take control of the party structures in those states should his dream of becoming the next Kebbi state governor is actualized. Both Salame and Gada were misled by their sponsors that they would get all that it takes to execute the contract but now that the contract has failed woefully, would that ill motivated alliance still function or the moles in the APC would be dumped by their external collaborators? 
They say when the chips are down, your on your own. Salame in particular is among the many who have benefited from Wamakko’s political largess and  for such a person who was lifted from the classroom as a mere teacher by Wamakko to a political stardom to collaborate with others to stab his benefactor at the back, he should be a very, very greedy person. 
In one of James Hardly Chase collections, Paw in the bottle, Julie, the housemaid lacked nothing from her employer but greed led her to be stealing from her master and was later caught and sentenced but before the sentence, this is what the judge asked Julie. “Do you know how people catch monkeys in Brazil Julie, they put a nut inside a bottle and tie the bottle to a tree. The monkey comes and grab the nut inside the bottle but it cannot release its paw from the bottle until it releases the nut but because the monkey is very greedy it would not and this is how it is caught. Greed is very dangerous, if you give way to it sooner or later you would be caught “. 
Salame was greedy like the Brazilian monkey. He wanted to rob shoulder with his master and he was cut to size. He failed to cut his coat according to his size.  Senator Gada on the other hand has always been a political liability. He first came into politics when Senator Abdallah Wali picked him as a running mate in the 2003 governorship election under the PDP and since they lost he went underground only to resurface and become a senator through a dubious means by conniving with the then PDP secretary in 2007 to substitute the PDP’s preferred candidate’s name with that of Gada at the eleventh hour. His grouse with Wamakko was when he was denied another tenure in 2011 so when Salame as the arrowhead of the Vision 2023 agenda contacted him, he thought he would have his own pound of flesh but in the end both the moles and their sponsors have been put to shame.: Hon Salame and Senator Gada were obsessed with vengeance and forgot that you don’t walk into the enemies territory without studying his strength and weaknesses and by failing to do so they not only exposed themselves as preys who dared the tiger by the tail in its domain but political tools working for other people’s agenda without a direction.  Salame who was brought into politics by Wamakko and served as his political godfather betrayed his own conscience by allowing illusion to becloud his sense of judgement and he went too far by bringing in ECOMOG from Kebbi and Sokoto government officials to pursue a very selfish agenda which has crashed and  destroyed his political career. 
Senator Gada was aggrieved since 2011 when he lost his seat to Wamakko’s political superiority and has since remain irrelevant therefore, he joined Salame not because he believed in Salame’s cause but for his own selfish agenda. 
The former local government chairman who joined forces with them miscalculated his steps and fell into a dangerous trap which has now consumed all of them including their “Presumed Foreign Allies” who until recently thought they have the artillery to fight Wamakko. 
Karma is real, what you sow is what you reap. Great kingdoms and their emperors fell simply because they had bitten more than they could chew. That is just the way the cookies crumble. What they however, forgot was that Wamakko is APC and APC is Wamakko in Sokoto. If you take Wamakko away from APC, that would be the end of the party. In case they have memory lapse, Salame shouldn’t have easily forgotten the 2007 drama when Wamakko was drafted by   president Olusegun Obasanjo  to the PDP from the ANPP, what happened to the ANPP in Sokoto? 
When Wamakko left the ANPP, the party collapsed and the PDP which has been in the opposition for eight years was given a new hope and eventually won the 2007 governorship election. 
Furthermore, when Wamakko and the G 5 governors left the PDP to the APC in 2014, what happened? The PDP lost to the APC in Sokoto. There is a collective political slogan in Sokoto  “MU ALU MU KAI BA JAM’IYA BA. Simply put, Alu ( Wamakko is our political party) Alu is the political identity of Wamakko in Sokoto and even the neighboring states. 
Anywhere you mention Alu everyone knows your referring to Wamakko and it is a common household name, in fact you may not be far from the truth if you say Alu is Wamakko’s political DNA. 
He is the only politician with an identity in Sokoto and beyond.
These coup plotters have murdered sleep and they shall sleep no more If you want to know how the cookies crumble like pack of cards, ask Hon. Salame and his collaborators
AMINU MOHAMMED sent in this piece from Clapperton Road, GRA, Sokoto State. He can be reached via


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