Siege On Saraki: Presidency Backs Police

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Senate President


The Presidency on Tuesday frowned at what it called orchestrated campaign against President Muhammadu Buhari each time the law enforcement agencies moved against VIPs in the discharge of their duties.

Accordingly, it appealed that the agencies should be allowed to carry out their legitimate functions in the best interest of the country.

The Presidency’s position was contained in a statement issued by the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari  on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu, hours after the alleged siege on the residence of the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki.

Shehu wondered why there  was always insinuations of President’s unseen hands whenever important people were called to investigation by the security agencies, while nobody seemed to care a hoot when same was meted out to the poor and hapless.

Staying that the laws of the land were meant for both the poor and the rich, the Presidency spokesman said development would continue to remain at bay if the rich could no longer be called to question for alleged wrong doing by the law enforcement agencies.

  The statement read: “The Presidency has taken note of the orchestrated campaign against President Muhammadu Buhari each time a Very Important Person (VIP) is invited by the law enforcement agencies, in the discharge of their legitimate duties and functions.

“The law of the land is intended for all, not for the poor or those at the lowest rungs of the social ladder.

“It is odd, strange and bizarre that while ordinary citizens can be called up to answer questions or be interrogated, the VIP cannot be questioned without the annoying insinuations of partisanship, persecution or outright politicization.

“This country cannot achieve development in peace when important cases are viewed through a political prism and the law is considered as being applicable to some, and not applicable to others.

“The workings of law enforcement agencies are set out in the constitution and the laws of the country. If they worked at the discretion of past presidents, who decided who to question and who to detain, Nigerians should get used to the fact that this President is different. President Buhari does not and will not influence or interfere with cases.

“The constitution clearly directs law enforcement agencies to promptly report and investigate any actual or potential infringement of the law and also initiate proceedings against all those involved.

“This President is not the one who directs them on what to do.

“President Buhari does not stand in the way of law enforcement either. Under our constitution, he has no powers to stop the investigation of anyone or institution. When they are set to investigate anything and anyone, the best friend of the law is the one who lets them do their work.

“The President’s constant refrain is that he will not tolerate any form of illegality including corruption and the law enforcement agencies have been given complete freedom to identify and bring all culprits to justice. His instructions to them are very clear: Anyone with a case to answer or found guilty should not be spared.

“Accused persons should approach the courts to plead their innocence rather than going to the public to plead persecution.

“The country is better served when the law enforcement agencies are allowed to do their work and we must stop the actors of this dangerous game of politicizing law enforcement.”


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