short-changing positivity for negativity


In the Creation of human beings the good and bad had been prescribed and sealed by Almighty God. This is permanent to every living organism in the entire universe even the Prophet, of God experienced odd situation in which they were unable to change. But with the’ development through knowledge and technology, human beings continue to transform by changing what is odd to even, creating good from bad, something from nothing and the universe becomes a place where the rich enjoy and proposed to stay permanently, because the life is good.
All countries of the world are changing from one generation to another, transformation through technology. America and other super powers of the world are not the best but better because their leaders and the system are changing for positive and this was imbibe in the. structure and the citizen of the country. Also under developed countries, like India, indonesia, South Africa, Ghana, e.t.c, are now moving towards this direction of positive development.
However, Nigeria history in terms of development is not graduating but derogative. Since independence in October 1, 1960 political leaders like Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi A wolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe were able to developed their people politically, economically, educationally and structurally. Development during their time was competitive, each region endeavor to be the best.
Similarly, in 1966 the military took over and short change this developmental process of competitiveness in agriculture, education, structure and economic by introducing bad policy that brought in sentiment and underdevelopment. This persisted through different military government till 1979 when civil government emerged in but they were not better that the military that left the power,
1983 they called in the military government again through their mismanagement, the belief of Nigerians then was development but they were never better than the civilian government which they over thrown.
Similarly in 1999, civil government emerged back. What have we achieved? Nothing, instead economic hardship, decay of infrastructure, mismanagement of resources and so on. The present leaders are the product of First Republic administration but when you compare the level of development and commitment of leadership then you will see that the administration in more positive than now.
Furthermore, I believe this administration is better despite the deplorable system we are generating from 1960 to date but the future leaders are not likely to perforni. better because their process are faulty. A future leader that makes to higher institution through exam malpractices, graduating by bribing the lecturers and officials, they rise to director status through short changing the process for their own selfish interest, the outcome can never be better than this, so for the future to be improved we should stop short changing positivity for negativity by imbibing on developmental projects.
Sheriff Olutusin, ND 1 Abubakar Kigo, Kaduna


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