Shi’ite crisis: KDSG explains delay in constituting Judicial Commission of Inquiry


Shi’ite crisis: KDSG explains delay in constituting Judicial Commission of Inquiry
By; Abdull-azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kaduna State Government has explained that wider consultations, efforts to contact members and the on-going holidays has affected and delayed the announcement of the proposed judicial Commission of inquiry on the recent clash between the Islamic Movement of Nigeria known as Shi’ite and a detachment of the Nigerian Army in Zaria which resulted in loss of lives.
Detailing the Providing the progress that has been made in setting up the commission of inquiry, Samuel Aruwan, Special Assistant to Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai in a statement said great progress has been made and government is working on concluding the committee which would be announced in early January.
“The Kaduna State Government has largely completed work on the composition and the terms of reference of the proposed Judicial Commission of Inquiry. However, the government is still engaged in the extensive consultations that are required prior to a formal announcement. Efforts are also being made to contact all the nominees for membership of the commission, as well as the secretariat and resource persons that will support the work of this important inquiry.
“These consultations and contacts have been impacted by the holidays. Therefore, the Kaduna State Government will be delaying the announcement of the membership of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry until early in the new year. Best efforts have been applied to ensure that the announcement is made within the two-week window envisaged when the decision to establish the commission of inquiry was made. But it has now emerged that a little more time is required.
“The Government expresses its appreciation for the positive response the public has given to the establishment of the commission of inquiry. The government  will be providing further updates as this process unfolds” the statement said.


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