Sha’aban Cautions Buhari Against Meddling In Kaduna Politics


By;  BASHIR BELLO, Kaduna. 

The gubernatorial candidate of Action Democratic Party (ADP), in Kaduna State, Alhaji Sani M. Sha’aban has cautioned President Muhammad Buhari to stop interfering with the ongoing politics in Kaduna State.

Sha’aban stated this when he took his campaign  in Tudun wada, Zaria. 

He lamented how the president has allowed himself to be used by some politicians to rally support for the APC candidate in the state.

He said,  “As a father of the nation, Buhari should not be seen according priority to a particular candidate whose election will not augur well to the people of the state, Kaduna being his second home.”

Sha’aban who was reacting to a recorded video and audio broadcast of president Buhari urging people to vote Uba Sani of the APC as Governor of kaduna state said people should be allowed to vote credible candidate of their choice during the forthcoming election without undue interference.

“Where was the president when bandits were having a field day, kidnapping people on daily basis  in the state for ransom? Where was he when people of the state were being illegally sacked from their jobs, their shops and houses destroyed, school fees hiked, district heads removed? Where was he then? why did he not intervene?

“Only for him to surface now and canvass Kaduna resident’s votes for a candidate that is very unpopular and ditasted by the people.” He queried.

He therefore, stressed that people in Kaduna State are fully literate and know exactly what they want, and do not need anybody to instigate and play with their conscious against their wish.

The ADP Governorship candidate who is also the Dan Buran Zazzau, lamented that for eight years, people of Kaduna State have only suffered  killings, destruction, poverty, illiteracy, demolition of property and dictatorship under the APC administration.

He said the people are now saying “enough is enough of misrule and are ready to vote out the APC for a credible ADP candidate that will save them from untold hardships.

Sha’aban a very popular and charismatic politician,v assured that when voted into power, the ADP government will change the narrative and run an all inclusive government devoid of sentiments, sectionalism, tribal or religious bigotry.  An astute politician, Sha’ban is view by many as a man closer to the masses and his popularity among the ordinary people is seen as a major challenge to the ruling party.


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