Sexual Molestation: Cleric Raises Alarm Over Freedom of The Accussed



A Nigerian Cleric has called on the Ministry of Women Affairs, UNICEF & all Child Rights Network for quick intervention over the seven year old Almajiri boy rapist that was earlier apprehended but now set free and moving unhindered in Kaduna State.

Pastor Yohanna Buru of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship called on all human right organizations, volunteer groups that fight child exploitation in Africa, other bodies such as Children’s Rights Alliance, Action on Rights for Children  and Network of Civil Societies in the country to immensely fight for the justice of the young boy  that was reported to have been molested severally by a rapist that turned the boy into a sex machine.

In a chat with newsmen in Kaduna, Pastor Buru observed that despite pubilicity across Nigeria by both local and international news agencies over the abuse of the young Almajiri boy at Maraban Jos, Kaduna, it was shocking to see that it is just only one Non-Governmental organization called ”Arridah Relieved foundation” that is fighting for the right of the young boy, which has taken the case to a Sharia Court

“I was expecting to see many human right and religious leaders with authority show much concerned over the health status of the young boy, most especially the challenges he passed through when excreting, and other challenges he faces since the day that he started facing problems with his excretory product but the reverse is the case” Pastor Buru said.

According to the Cleric, this ugly incidents of rapists targeting young Almajiris has caused so much damages to the education of the young boys that come from far distance in search of knowledge. And its high time both the Ministry of Women Affairs and all the network of child protection rose against all forms of humiliation of children in the region.

 Buru further stressed that one of the responsibilities of Ministry of Women Affairs is Promoting a multi-sectoral programme synergy for the realization and enhancement of the survival, development, protection and participation rights of children in Nigeria with particular reference to the achievement of set targets enumerated in the Child’s Right Act 2003 (CRA),

“We must work as a team to end all forms of child abuse in our society so as to save lives of our young children from the hand of rapist, devils, destroying their future”.

He called on Council of Imam and Ulamas in the country to begin sensitizing Almajirai schools teachers on the dangers of sending those children for begging to dangerous areas  in search of their daily meals.

 Meanwhile mallam Gambo Abdullahi Barnawa that accompanied Pastor Buru to see the young Almajiri boy urged the state government to order for the arrest of the fish seller, in view of the fact that he was the one that put the young boy in that critical situation

“We agree that the case is in court but its unfair to see the culprit moving freely while the young boy is there suffering” GAmbo stressed.

Report indicated that the young Almajiri boy is still suffering with serious infection in his Anus, while the fish seller that caused the damage is seen free and selling his fish while waiting for the next court hearing fixed for 3rd march 2017 at Upper Shariah Court Kawo, Kaduna.


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