Senator Uba Sani’s Muslim/Muslim Ticket Plot Dead On Arrival, Group Says


By;  AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna 

The Kaduna Fairness and Justice Monitors (KFJM), has described as insensitive and deceptive, the speculated plot by Senator Uba Sani, aspirant to the state governorship to attempt to repeat what it termed ” el-Rufai’s divisive politics” of floating a Muslim/Muslim ticket in 2023 in the state.
Haruna Sahabi, the leader of the group in a statement, explained in response to reaction to the report by a national daily, that the current Deputy Governor,  Hadiza Balarabe may be paired with  Senator Uba Sani on the 2023 governorship ballot for the All Progressives Congress (APC).
According to the statement, any attempt to use Islam as cover to deceive the Muslim voters as was done by el-Rufai which ended up imposing an incompetent woman as Deputy Governor and widening the ethno-religious fault lines in the state would be resisted. 
The statement noted that neither Senator Uba Sani nor the purported deputy has any record of  being of any value to the Islamic religion and the Muslim community, alleging that this is just another desperate attempt to smear the religion of Allah by fronting it in politics to achieve a dubious political goal by people the statement described as “who clearly lack conscience”. The group observed that for the past three years since el-Rufai used the incompetent lady as a bait for Muslim voters, the woman has not added any value to the government or to women folk and the state, beyond dragging the blessed name of Islam into ridicule.
The statement explained, “We are Muslims and we know for certain that a combination of Uba and Hadiza would not in anyway be representative of the state’s Muslim community. At best it is another attempt to use Islam as bait to impose incompetence and gross insensitivity on the population.”


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