Senator Sani decries neglect of 89-year-old Sir Ahmadu Bello’s driver By; OJO SHOLA, Kaduna


Senator Sani decries neglect of 89-year-old Sir Ahmadu Bello’s driver
By; OJO SHOLA, Kaduna
Senator representing Kaduna Central under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Shehu Sani has decried the neglect of 89-year-old official driver of the Premier of defunct Northern Nigeria and the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello.
The activist turned politician stated this when he visited the senior citizen Alhaji Ali Sarkin Mota, saying the 19 Northern State Governments have failed to accord him due honour over the years after serving the Premier and the region.
The Chairman, Senate Committee on Domestic Affairs, and Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs added that associates of quality politicians like the Sardauna, Akintola, Azikiwe, Awolowo and others should not be neglected by governments of the day.
He lamented that instead of Nigerians, particularly, Northerners, to preserve Sir Ahmadu Bello’s legacy for prosperity, they were busy using his name for cheap political gains.
Responding, Alhaji Ali Sarkin Mota expressed gratitude to Senator Sani,  praying that God should bless the Senator with whatever he desired to achieve in his life time.
The 89-year-old man said even though he is not a politician, he has been hearing about Senator Sani, without coming face to face with him, “but thank God we are meeting face to face today, and I thank you for the visit”.
Sani said, “Look at Sir Ahmadu Bello’s driver, Alhaji Ali Sarkin Mota, he drove Sardauna to every official function, he witnessed his killing by soldiers, but today, at 89 years old, he is being neglected by governments of the region.
“Driving is a noble profession and Alhaji Ali did it to the best of his knowledge by serving Sardauna to the best of his ability and love for the profession.
“Sardauna’s name should not be a launch pad for politicians to use at elections, rather they should emulate his selfless services to the people of the North in particular and Nigeria in general.
“Sardauna lived and died for Nigeria, his life should continue to be celebrated by the people.
“If we have the likes of Sardauna, Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, stealing in government will not be possible, but our political elites have turned politics into money making ventures”. Senator Sani said.


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