Senator La’ah cautions on the arrest, trial of Danfulani


Senator La’ah cautions on the arrest, trial of Danfulani
By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna.
The Senator representing Kaduna Zone III Senatorial Zone, Senator Danjuma Laah, has cautioned the state government in the handling of the arrest, detention and arraignment in Court of the government’s vocal critic cum university lecturer, Dr. John Danfulani.
The recent arrest of Dr. Danfulani, a Political Science Lecturer with Kaduna State University  (KASU), over criticisms and other sensitive comments on his Facebook page,  have generated political and social issues in the state.
Danfulani was granted bail on Monday after he was arraigned for the second time at a Kaduna Chief Magistrate Court.
In a statement in Kaduna, Laah said, “I have been observing the circumstances and other developments before and after the arrest of Dr. Johh Danfulani, a well-known Political Science Lecturer.  I want to say that this has generated lots of political and social uproar and as the Senator who represents Danfulani at the Senate, I am interested in amicable settlement of the matter.
“I am also watching how the judiciary will handle this case. Without prejudice to the competence of our Judiciary arm of government in Kaduna State, I want to caution that no pressure from any quarter should make them to deny Danfulani fair trial.”
He called on all the people of Kaduna and all law abiding residents in the state to remain calm and let the Court which is the last hope of the common man,  treat the issue accordingly.
Prior to Danfulani’s arrest, he was queried by KASU for his Facebook comments, and on January 18th, 2016, he was suspended from work. The management of KASU alleged that Danfulani’s comments were made against the North and that it was inciting.


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