Sen Mohammed: An Altruistic Clarion Call For Service To Electorates


For the electorates in the Niger-South Senatorial District, (Zone A) nothing else could be more fulfilling and rewarding than having a man who so cares about their well-being, interest and the development of their collective aspirations as a people at the National Assembly.
A down to earth politician and a man of the people, Mustapha Sani Mohammed’s venture into partisan politics has been a huge blessing to the poor, the vulnerable, the so called lowest on the ladder of the society and the entire mass of the people of his Niger South Senatorial District whose sing song are praises to God Almighty and to their benefactor whose Midas touch has brought life and succor to them far beyond their skewed perception about politicians.
Not a few had doubted his assurances and promises to be better than those before him. Not a few had taken him serious when he mounted the soap box to plead for their votes and mandates to enable him represent them at the Senate.  But that was then.
Now they accept that they had indeed made a better choice and they are quick to say it loud that the Niger South senatorial district has never had it this good.
The young and the old, women and men, the lettered and unlettered, small and big, are now happy with their choice of a representative at class of distinguished men and women in the hallowed red carpeted and seats chamber of the National Assembly as their own bastion.
In the nearly two years of his being at The Senate for his people, Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed has proved himself a worthy and illustrious son of the district. His periodic and constantly being in touch with his constituency has kept him abreast of their needs and allowed him the vintage position to gauge their feelings and aspirations as a people.
This has in no small measure endeared him into the hearts of his people even as it made him a household name amongst everyone including toddlers, children and the aged.
His simplicity mien, his love and concern for the poor, his philanthropic disposition and large heart for the suffering mass of the population in the eight local government areas who make up his catchment constituencies have seen him deep his hands in his vaults to impact on the lives of the people of the areas.
Though the times are hard as the downturns of the economy bites painfully harder, Sani Mohammed knows how it pinches more on the have-nots. His heart is with them as he said in this no-holds-barred interview where he said it all as it should be.
To drive home his mission into partisan politics, Mustapha Sani Mohammed said it is for altruistic service to the people who voted him as their representative at the National Assembly to speak for them, speak about them, their interest, problems and perspectives.
He said it is therefore incumbent upon him as the chosen one to pull the chestnut out of the fire for his people, to provide avenues for them to break forth, and to open the leeway for dividends of democracy to take their  roots.
Senator Sani Mohammed said since service delivery is the catch word in representative democracy, serving the public interest is the only clarion duty required of an elected representative.
For this reason, he said he placed both his ears and his eyes to the ground to feel the pulse of the people so as to address the needs of the people in as much ways he can do.
In serving the people of the zone and in fulfillment of his electioneering campaign promises, Senator Mohammed has focused on the vulnerable, the women and youths, particularly the poorest of the poor from indigent homes who have no means of livelihood or someone to fend for them.
And having identified this class as the productive force of the population that could be used to change the fortunes of the mass of the people but who unfortunately were helpless and hapless, he set out to empower them through training programmes for vocational skills acquisition.
Senator Mohamned said the aim of his intervention has been to train the minds and hands of the beneficiaries to move their idle minds away from the vulnerability to engage in crime and criminalities because according to him, an idle mind is a strong tool for the enemy to exploit.
His vocational training programmes therefore created a platform for a plethora of opportunities for both the unskilled educated and uneducated women and youths from the zone to acquire relevant skills in various spheres of vocational endeavors so as to empower the beneficiaries to stand on their own than to wait for government’s handouts.
He said through the various training for skills acquisition programmes, several tens and hundreds of women and youths, have since become employers of labour, creators of jobs and thus improved on their living conditions and that of their immediate families.
Senator Mohammed said his commitment to doing the best for the people of the area would not be dampened by forces of retrogression and those bent on discrediting him over political differences.
“I’m in this for the emancipation of my people. Therefore i am not discouraged by whatever is placed on our way to attaining our set goals, ” he said.
Senator Mohammed has despite several hurdles raised against him, gone ahead to provide landing pads for several indigent persons to climb the ladder for self empowerment, fight the scourge of poverty, unemployment and malnutrition in homes.
Beside the trainings for skills for job, Senator Mohammed said he has provided social amenities such as transformers for rural electrification, sank bore holes for several wards and communities, constructed new classroom blocks for schools and renovated some existing ones in the zone as part of his contributions for the development of the people and his senatorial district.
Senator Mohammed’s untiring outreaches to indigent persons in the eight catchment council areas of his senatorial district has led him to pay several hundreds of thousands of naira as examination and tuition fees to several indigent students in various schools in parts of the state.
As part of his efforts to encourage academic pursuit, Senator Mohammed is giving scholarship grants to many students from his senatorial district to enable them complete their course studies with ease.
These and many other interventions by senator Mohammed which have brought succor to the people of his senatorial district have in no small way endeared him to the hearts of of many young men and women who see as a messiah and bulwark of the common man on the streets.
As a man with the heart for the suffering mass of the people, Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed has in the last two years dug into the files of some jailed birds who were incarcerated over minor, bail able offenses but for want of sureties they have remained behind the prison walls.
He paid and settled their fines to let them off the hook. Fourty prison inmates benefited from this benevolence from Bida, Agaie and Lapai prisons. The beneficiaries have since reintegrated back into the larger society as free birds.
Mohammed told our correspondent that he also facilitated the installation of digital transmitters for the FM Bida, provided 880 bags of assorted fertilizer to farmers in all the wards of the eight council areas of the district.
Through his empowerment scheme programme, 50 unemployed youths received electricity generating sets to establish small scale businesses of their choice. He also distributed seed/trade capital funds to some 400 widows across the zone.
Senator Mohammed also facilitated and secured the appointments for some unemployed youths from the constituency into federal Ministries and agencies such as the Nigeria Civil Defense Corps, (NSCDC), Nigeria Immigration Services, (NIS), Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and Federal Inland Revenue Services, (FIRS) amongst others.
Currently, Senator Mohammed is making frantic efforts to have over 176 youths selected from the zone enrolled into the state Peace Corps.
Beneficiaries cutting across from several households of young men and women, educated or uneducated could not hide their joy. Being beneficiaries and owners of brand new Motorcycles to operate commuter cyclist services means a great source of joy to them.
A die hard supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari’s social change and anti corruption revolution, Senator Mohammed sees himself as an agent of change and a mobiliser to drive home the present administration’s avowed stance against avarice, cutting corners and other sharp practices that have stalled and crippled the country over time.
As an elected representative of Niger-South senatorial district, Senator Mohammed said he shares in the Presidents’ resolve to bring to an end the era of wasteful spending, abuse of spoils of office and such vicious cyclical innuendoes that have reduced the worth of the country amongst the comity of serious minded nations of the world.
He therefore reechoed his support to all current efforts to fight the canker worms and the Hydra headed monsters especially in governance so as to give a better image of the country and re-launch it on the path of honour, progress and development for the good of man and the country.


  1. The senator is a fraud is just campaign ahead 2019 he has nothing to show is it motorcycle we need how many people will he give see the 80billion buhari award on road project Niger state not among look how people are suffering between jebba mokwa road I have never seen him for a day rise a motion In d senete


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