Sanitary Pad for rituals; Ondo Police soft pedals


By; Odeyemi Samuel, Akure.
Strong indication has emerged that the Ondo State Police Command may not prosecute the suspects who allegedly stole the used sanitary pads of the students of Federal Government Girls’ College allegedly for ritual purose, Akure, due to lack of evidence.
The two suspects whose names were not disclosed by the Police were still in custody as at the time of filling this report on Wednesday
They allegedly stole the used sanitary pads of the girls in the hostel of school for ritual purposes.
In her reaction to the matter, the state Police Commissioner, Mrs. Hilda Harrison insisted the Police had not seen any evidence to prosecute the suspects, stressing that the matter was still under investigation.
She said the inability of the school authority to have a proper waste disposal system in the school disrupted the matter, saying if the waste had been well disposed of, there would be no room for the students to raise any accusing fingers against the suspects.
“The girls have reason for suspicion, we are Africans and we take our personal items seriously. The students alleged that some of their staffs were picking up their items from the dustbin and it is an ongoing issue, we have been able to get some of the staffs for interrogation, and the investigation  is not conclusive yet.
“Nobody was caught in the act of committing the crime. It is based only on suspicion and I am being very emphatic in saying that the students raised the suspicion; they felt some of their items were being picked up after throwing them away into the dustbin.
“Nobody was caught in the act of removing such items but we are investigating and we have been able to allay them of their fears and also for the school authority.”
The Police boss said the command had advised the school to have a better way of disposal of refuse so that individuals would not have access to them and everyone will feel safe.
Meanwhile the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) of the FGGC, Akure, has denied that the suspects stole sanitary pad belonging to the students.
In a statement issued on Wednesday by the Chairman of the Association, Mr. Akin Ashimolowo, they said the students on the fateful day reported the matter to their House Mistresses, who checked the bags of the suspects but did not find any sanitary pad.
Ashimolowo, in the statement said, “Our investigation revealed that some girls saw the cooks at the incinerator site ostensibly gathering waste products. They were there and then accosted by the girls who searched their bagco bags and found some items such as spoon, pairs of slippers, a cooler and three used cakes of premier soap.”
The chairman who said the association was still awaiting the report of the investigation of the Police on the matter, appealed to the parents and students of the school to be patient till the conclusion of the investigation.


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